Sunday, March 7, 2010

I just cleaned my...

crock pot for the last time this week.  I cooked, served, and cleaned up all four dishes, and they were all delicious.

I am seriously considering my crock pot for all of my cooking.  It made life so easy this week.  Plus, I have a gadzillion more recipes to try sent in by all of you.

Just wanted to share my results on the last two recipes.

Thursday, we enjoyed:

Chicken Lasagna by Camille Cordero

(who knew you could make lasagna in a crock pot, but it really worked)

I have never had Chicken Lasagna before so this was really fun.

How Easy? 7

This was a little bit more time consuming because you had to layer everything, but all in all I think it only took me about 25 minutes to put together, and then was nothing more to do.

Taste?  7

All of the flavors went well together.  I wonder how this would taste with some Alfredo sauce in it.  Stella loved it.

Appearance?  7

This didn't stay together all that well, or I am just a dork when it comes to serving it.  The spinach however gave it a pretty color.

Clean Up?  9

This was easy to clean up.  I used a crock pot liner so all I had to do was pull it out and dump the leftovers in a container.  There was no other sides to clean up.

Cost?  7

This meal cost around $11.00, but it made a lot.

Chicken Cordon Bleu by Yasemin Rice

We had this dish tonight.  It was great to throw it in before church, and have a meal when we got home.

I think Yasemin was at an advantage because Sunday dinner always tastes so good.  After 3 hours of church everything tastes better.

How Easy? 7

This took some time to coat all the breasts and wrap them up.  Next time, I am just going to add the seasonings to the sauce.  I also might try using breaded chicken tenders.

Taste? 9

This was great.  The flavors go so well together.  My hubby had seconds and he rarely does that.

Appearance?  9

It looked so beautiful served over the rice.  The ham gave the dish a nice punch of color.

Clean up?  8

Fairly simple to clean up.  You still have the rice pan, and whatever you cook the veggies in to clean up.  All in all very simple.

Cost?  6

This meal cost about $13 to make.  We have enough leftovers for one meal for Jonathan and myself.

I will share the winner tomorrow so stay tuned.


Leila said...

Yasemine Rice?!?! That's my buddy! Hope she wins....

Please share some of the recipes! I LOVE crock pot cooking. I just got the best chocolate cake recipe off of cjane - check it out. DELISH!

Alison said...

If you use the plastic crock pot liners when cooking in your crock pot, it will make clean up a cinch.

KW said...

I checked out those pillows from V & co. I think we need to try to make some when you come. I don't think I will need pillows for my living room...we will see, but I can use them somewhere else.

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