Monday, February 8, 2010

What is going on here?

This morning, I woke up to a text at 5:12 am.  This is what it said:

No school today due to snow.

WHAT?  Snow?

Sure enough, there was snow on the ground. 

We are once again stuck on this mountain, and wouldn't you know I am once again almost out of milk.  Oh, and soda... could someone bring me a diet coke please?

Today was grocery day, instead of shopping we stayed inside and watched it come down.  Boy, was it coming down.

Fire Hydrant

Isaac could not wait to get out in it.  So while I snapped some photos, he found his cowboy boots and came right out.

I couldn't help it.  The glow of the snow could make any face look adorable. 


Look at those lashes... I would love to have a transplant for some of those.


You have to remember this little guy has never lived in Utah.  He hasn't seen much snow.

I know what you are all thinking right now...


"She is the worst mother.  Where is his coat?" 

He snuck past me and I just couldn't get to it fast enough. 

I did get all the kids bundled soon after, and they took it outside. 

I didn't get any pictures, because I was on the phone chatting with a high school friend that I haven't talked to in over 5 years.

HI!! Jamie:)

In the meantime, I made Sugar Cookies.  YUMMO!!


Don't you love Stella's sprinkle job.  That girl loves her sprinkles.

This is my new favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe.  My old favorite, which I still love (you can find the recipe here), takes a long time.  They are delicious, but also very tedious.

This is my mom's recipe.  There is no rolling out, or chilling dough.  Therefore, they whip up in a snap.

My Mother's YUMMO cookies.

2 C. shortening

1 C. sugar

2 eggs

1/2 t. salt

1 C. powdered sugar

1 1/2 t. vanilla

1 1/2 t. baking powder

4 1/2 C. flour

Cream sugars and shortening.  Add eggs and vanilla.  Mix well and add dry ingredients.  Roll in to balls or drop with a cookie scoop, flatten with your hand, and bake.

350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  They are definitely better under cooked.  Add some frosting and sprinkles and enjoy.

We enjoyed them tonight for FHE.(family home evening)

We are beginning to talk about Baptism since Jex will be baptized this year. 

At the end of the evening when we shared something that made us happy  he said with tears beginning to roll down his cheeks(tears are always the spirit talking.)

"I am happy we could talk about baptism, and that I could feel the spirit.  It helped me know that I am making the right choice to be baptized. 

This is a special time in his life.

At the close of this Snow day, I got another text that read:

No school tomorrow due to snow.

When will we ever get milk and diet coke?


Krysta said...

No school tomorrow? Wow! You want a diet Coke and I REALLY want some of those cookies!

I love Jex. I'm excited for his special year. His big day will be here before he knows it!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

haha I just love it! You better send the hubby out for groceries! (it's a daddy job this time of year, you know!) I love those pictures of Isaac!

You're not a horrible mother :o) I'm in lots of Child Development classes (it's my major) right now and I always leave feeling like a horrible person! Everything is always about GERM FREE and everyone is so paranoid now!! Relax, people! Your children will get antibodies and have superstar immune systems...jeez :o)

Love you and your family!

schrammfam said...

I LOVE your room it is so adorable! You do not make your cookies look so pretty in a cake platter like that! Mine were in a tupperware container! haha Everything looked so beautiful. I cant believe, well, I can believe you did that. Its gorgeous. WHEN ARE YOU COMING?? I need a camera also! It was so fun talking to you! Thanks for the inspiration.

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