Saturday, January 16, 2010


Winter Schminter... I hate Winter.

At least it is 60 degrees here today, and I don't live in a really really cold place.

I do have things to be grateful for like:

A warm home

A garage to park my car in

and a place that hardly snows.

You see I don't really like the snow.

I think it is beautiful to look at, until it turns black from dirt.

I like to play in it, until my hands get cold.(that last about 5 minutes)

I prefer basking in the warm sunshine, then a cold dreary day. 

I do however like to add a little bit of winter to my decor.

Here is a little trick for doing that.

Keep out some of your Christmas decorations.  Particularly the ones that remind you of Snow.

Here are some of mine:

Winter Use

These glass jars have snowflakes, glittered pinecones, and silver balls.  Oh, and you can't forget the fake snow at the bottom of it all.  (I like fake snow)


I added them to my mantel, and a few bowls around the house.



I also think that anything silver goes.  I enjoy having my little piece of winter inside my warm home.  It isn't cold, it doesn't melt, and it always sparkles.

I also have to share a few of my new favorite Flea Market finds:

I found this adorable lamppost for   $15.  Isn't it so cute?

Lamp post

...and the pinecone wreath for $8.  I have used this on my table as a centerpiece, and now it adorns my door.

I also got this cute trunk.  You have already seen this here.


It is not just for photo shoots, but it houses my kids toys.  You would never know would you?  Isn't it adorable.  I love it.

I told my friend that I wanted a trunk while we were out looking, and they were all outrageously priced.  Then we found this little number.  The color was amazing, and the size perfect.  My friend looked at the price tag, and my heart dropped.  I knew it was going to be as high as the others.  Then her face lit up.  "What?", I said.  "ten dollars!!", She replied.  "No way!!", I exclaimed.  And that is how it became mine.  I had to do a little rearranging to make it work, but I actually like the change.

One last little addition.  This treasure was my Christmas gift from The Bradfords.  The first of my collection.  An old vintage camera.  I want more. 


I love looking at is on my desk.  It makes me think about how much photography has evolved.  It is amazing to think that it was done completely without the technology of a computer. 

What new changes have you made to your home this New Year?  Does it involve any winter decorations?

I hope for those of you who love winter that you are in a blizzard (I mean some fresh white powder), and for those who don't I hope you find yourself curled up next to the fireplace.


Beth Curtis said...

I love your winter decor. I am like you, not much of a fan of snow, especially since I don't ski or snowboard. Arizona suits me just fine : ) I am also IN-LOVE with your vintage camera.

Krysta said...

Cute! I'm glad you have found a way to get through the January blues. I want the pinecone wreath and the trunk!

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