Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What have I been up to?

What do you think I have been up to?  Decorating my house of course. 

Actually, I just had   to add my new treasures to the mix.  You see, the Moes's came for a visit, and I just had to take Krysta antiquing.

We used to take trips to Mckinney, Texas once a year for just that sort of thing.  That was what seems like a lifetime ago;  that was pre-eight children.

Now that I live in what seems to be the antique capitol of the world, I was able to take her to some of my favorite spots.  Actually, one spot; I have many, but we spent five hours in one store and still didn't make it all the way through.

We have the same taste in so many ways, so it was like two sets of eyes.  She found so many things for me that I probably would have not spotted, and vise versa.

Are you ready to see the finds?

Needed some Color and Whimsy


Adorable Cherry Plates... These are my new inspiration for the laundry room.  I want to make some polka dotted curtains for my pantry now.  The basket is also a find.  I added a tag with a No.6(inspiration Pottery Barn, and the six is for how many is in our family), and then a few magazines.  It will also house anything that needs to go somewhere. ie: library books.  This room is still a work in progress.

Liven things up with photos


This entire wall is full of new finds.  I didn't replace anything in my house, I just added this to an empty wall in the Master.  I also plan to add more photos.

They are attached with clips, and ribbon.


clock and pear

I have been wanting to accessorize my picture wall, so when I stumbled upon this clock and pear I knew I had to have them.  Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference.

Two for the price of one.

pear and bird

I love anything that you can use for decorating, but I also like to have neat little trays for party hosting. This little platter will work both ways.  I believe it used to be used for sewing, but now it is my new party platter.  Can't you just picture this with treats on it?

Oh, and the silly little bird you ask?  $2.00, and I just had to have her.  Her name is Gertrude, and she makes me smile.

Can you say BLING?


You see that lamp?  Yes, I am the proud owner of this unique little piece.  I just had to have it.  I have been wanting a glass lamp, and had planned on the ones that are everywhere.  When I saw this I knew that this would be one of those special finds.

lamp 2

You see that reflection.  Isn't it to die for?  You should see it at night?

Lamp 3

Isn't it magical? It looks so nice next to my glass candlesticks, and vintage mirror.

A new home


This was on the wall where my new cherry plates hang.  This is it's new home.  Isn't it fun?

Memory Keeper


Not only is this little filing cabinet so adorable, but it holds some of our family treasures; our memories. We are using it to record some of the little everyday events.

Memories 1

{I have an index card for every day of the year.  Each night at dinner we write down something that happened that day.  Then we place it back in the filing drawer.  Next year on that day when we pull out the card we will read what we wrote, and add to it.}

ie: January 24th: We blessed Tessa today.

This is the perfect little family journal.  It is so simple. 

The drawers make it even more fun.

Antiquing is all about the hunt, and the price.

Isn't Antiquing great? Take the time to check out your local antique stores.  You never know what you might find.

It is even more fun when you do it with your best friend.


Darlene said...

Great finds! Love, love, love that glass lamp!

Roxanne said...

I hope to come visit and go shopping. It will be a great time.

Beth Curtis said...

I am so jealous of your antique stores! We don't have a great selection over here in Az. I love your idea with the index cards and daily memories. What a great thing to look back on!

Krysta said...

So, so, so cute! I'm glad I got to see pictures of everything in its perfect place! I'm still working on mine, but I played with some of it tonight...I might not be able to sleep again!

JoDean said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the baby blessing!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

I LOVE it!! I want to find where antique stores are here in Rexburg! The word shopping still scares my poor husband to death...we hafta work on that!

I LOVE the family journal idea! How cute!! I want to start one, but our lives aren't filled with much yet!

Jaron said...

Ooooo...I want to visit the antique capital of the world! I miss finding bargains for my house. I have nightmares about things I've passed up at garage sales and thrift stores. I'm glad you sprung for the lamp - it's fabulous!

waldorf said...

I love the bird finds...I've been noticing them a lot lately and hoping to add some in my bedroom decor. Love your decorating taste :)

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