Thursday, December 17, 2009

If you were a fly on the wall...


at our Holiday House today.  This is what you would have seen:

Spending time making White Chocolate Jex Chex Mix for day #3 of Homemade Treat week.

Chex Mix

My new picture wall.  Isn't it cute.  I have been holding out for this project until I could afford the floating shelves.  I found them at a garage sale for $2.oo a piece. Two of them were brown so I spray painted them.  I had the frames.  I just spray painted them the color that I wanted.


Tessa getting a bath in the sink.  The kids think this is hilarious.  I have a bath tub, but I haven't made it to the attic to rummage for it.  Oh, how she loves to bath.

Tessa Bath

A mommy who couldn't resist snapping some photos all wrapped up in her towel.

Tessa Towel

Tessa Towl 2

Tessa Towel bw

... and then a mommy who couldn't get enough and had to have some under the tree.  Even though poor Tessa was so tired, and ready for bed.

I wanted more like this, but remember she started rolling over at 6 weeks so it was hard to keep her on her belly.  This is the best shot I got before she would do her little trick.

Tess on Belly

A tired girl...  (mother, why are you doing this to me?)

Tired Baby

Silent Night

If you were a fly on the wall in my house today you...

would have laughed your head off as you watched me dance, and fold laundry at the same time.


If you were a fly on the wall... you would have appreciated my clean house that took me until 11:30 tonight to clean.  I love cleaning in peace and quiet, just me and my music and.... a little dancing.

I am off to bed.

Sleep tight...

don't let the sugar plums bite.


This is what we made for Homemade Treat Day #2. 

Rolo Treats

They are so easy... Very kid friendly.


The best part... you can sneak a few Rolos along the way. 

Kids sneaking Treats


Eileen said...

Can I live at your Holiday House?

waldorf said...

Your pictures look like they are right out of a magazine....amazing!! I think I might have to borrow your recipes!! Merry Christmas!!

Krysta said...

So fun! Tess looks like the perfect little angel under the tree...oh wait...that cutie is an angel! :)

KW said...

Now I think Tess is starting to look more like Isaac than Stella! I love the new wall, looks great!!

Lorinda said...

Yum, Yum and Yum. I'll be heading to the store tomorrow for some certain ingredients for some certain treats. No wonder Caleb thinks your the best cook! That wisperer book must really be working in creating a few extra minutes in your day! Tessa looks so much like a J and A baby=adorable!

Jamie said...

Seriously kill me. You are so dang talented! I love all of your traditions, I might have to adopt a few;) I love the picture you attached to your neighbor gifts, and little Tessa under the tree.

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