Monday, December 14, 2009

A Busy Day at our Holiday House...


I got a lot accomplished today. 

I was able to work on some Christmas gifts today.  If you are on my list, close your eyes.  They are not complete, but here are a few steps.

Frames 2

$1.oo frames from Dollar Tree, painted with spray paint.


Do a little sanding, add a ribbon, and a button.

Wait for your pictures to come in the mail, and wah-la you have a gift for under $4.00 with picture included.

I also got these little numbers addressed, mailed, and e-mailed.

family card 2009

That was a chore, but I love receiving cards so that is why I do it.

We started our first day of Homemade treat week.

Holiday treats

I kept it really simple today, to get them excited about tomorrow.

If you like coconut, these are delicious.


Tonight for Family Home Evening,(we do this on Monday evenings as a way to discuss gospel principles, talk, play games, and enjoy time together) we talked about when Jesus blessed the children.  I reminded our kids of how important the time that Jesus spent with each child was.

I asked the kids if Time could be the gift that we give each other this year.  So instead of a gift to each kid from each person ie: Jex to Stella, Stella to Jex and so forth, we would write down a gift that requires time.

We wrote down a gift for each person.  Then we put them in a gift bag, and placed them under our children's tree. 

Presents under kids tree

We will open them on Christmas Eve day.  They always want to open something early so this will be perfect.

I just have to share, Jex wrote his gift to Stella, "I will make you skinny pancakes(he just learned how), and serve you breakfast in bed."  Isn't that so cute.  There could not be a better gift.

It made me sick to think about spending $5 here and $5 there for gifts that we would just pitch sooner rather then later. 

I think this will be a win win.

Our Children's tree is another new addition this year.  I wanted the kids to have something that was theirs.  We give the kids an ornament every year.  This tree has their ornaments, placed where they wanted them.  It also has all those ornaments that they make at school.  It is a really fun tree.

Kids Tree

I enjoy having one in my kitchen.  Each ornament is so special.  I know the kids felt really important as we discussed each ornament before they placed them on the tree.

I am off to bed so I can gear up for another day here at the Holiday house.  I have packages to wrap, and packages to mail. 



Eileen said...

Lovely. On everything. But I especially LOVE those frames! So delish.

KW said...

Ok, would you please stop now, that is all I am going to say. You are lucky I made your gift 2 months ago... or you wouldn't be getting anything this year :)

Christal said...

Love, love love it!

Krysta said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! I love the frames, the kids tree and the gift idea from the kids...might have to steal that one. :)

Tara said...

Beautiful! I always love peeking into your home and life -- you're always inspiring me!

Jamie said...

Oh I just LOVE your blog! Everything at your house just looks wonderful! The visit you had with Krysta looked SO fun! That was the best post! How fun to have baby girls at the same time!How did you guys plan that lol?!!

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