Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday at the Holiday House


On Sunday evenings we go out to Nana and Papa's house.  The Bradfords are our adopted family here.  We look forward to it every week. 

Tonight was a confirmation to me that everything I am striving for this Christmas season is real.  Traditions and Time mean more to people then any gift.  The Bradfords have given both of these to us since we have lived here.

Our time spent out there reminded me of being home for the holidays.  We watched Christmas movies, and ate a delicious stick to your ribs kind of Sunday dinner.  After dinner she made treats and Hot Chocolate for everyone just like we would have at home during Christmas.  My parents make us all a cup of cocoa before the present opening can begin Christmas morning.

The more I look back on the Christmas's that I spent as a child, the more I realize that I remember the food we ate, the special ornaments we hung, the traditions we made, and the time we spent as a family.  The gifts were just extra.

It helped to re-affirm that TIME really is the best gift that I can give my kiddos this year.

I am starting a new tradition with our family this year.  This entire week, we will be spending time making Christmas treats.  I love holiday candy, and want my kids to know how to make it.  It will be so fun to spend time with them, and share my recipes that are so special to me.

I will share each recipe with you this next week, and then I will share what we will be doing with all the goodies at the end of the week.

Nana Bradford, has an entire counter with glass jars.  Each glass jar is full of a homemade goodie.  She also tied an adorable ornament on each jar just to make them look more festive.  It is so fun to go there and taste some of her homemade recipes.

I remember making goodies with my parents around the holidays.  Specifically a candy cane made out of bread , and a strawberry filling. Once it was baked they covered it with icing.  We spent the season making one for each neighbor.  It was such a memorable part of Christmas.  Looking back I think that it is really neat that my dad helped out.

This year I got a fun idea while I was at Krysta's house.  She put a fun decoration on each of her kids doors.  I rummaged through my box of leftovers and copied her because that is what best friends do.  We try to be like each other.Kids Doors

It is so fun to see their doors closed with a little something hanging on the outside.  I can't decide if I like the look of the decorations, or the feeling of knowing that all my kids are asleep. (hee hee)  Anyway, I am so glad that I found somewhere for the I believe sign.  Instead of it just sitting in my box unused this year.  Thanks for the Idea Krysta.

My kids have been asking if I believe in Santa and all the Christmas stories.  I have started to tell them that I believe in the magic of Christmas.  The magic that I believe in is that a baby was born in a stable, and a star proclaimed his birth.

Today, I was in charge of the lesson during our Relief Society meeting.  Relief Society is the woman's organization in our church.  I am a member of the presidency, and I have to share a lesson 4 times a year.

Today, I chose to talk on Faith, but I put a different spin on it.  I used the word Believe.  Believe is such a big word this time of year.  I BELIEVE that a baby was born in a stable so

many years ago, and even though I wasn't there I know it happened.  I BELIEVE that little baby grew up and

performed miracles.  I BELIEVE in miracles.  I have

witnessed them first hand in my own life.  I BELIEVE

that he atoned for my sins so that I could be forgiven.  I

BELIEVE in forgiveness.  I BELIEVE that he

died that I might live again.  I BELIEVE in Eternal Life, and a forever family.

I am thankful for that sign on my girls door that I pass by each day when I go to pick up my little miracle out of her crib.  It is a good reminder of what I believe in.

I am leaving you tonight with a little sample of our Holiday Decorating, and my testimony that I do BELIEVE in the MAGIC of CHRISTMAS. 

Click here to read more about Belief.





Note:  Most of my decorations this year came from Thrift Stores, the dollar store, or I bought them last year on clearance.  I think it helps to think outside the box when you are putting it all together.  For example:  Ornaments don't just have to hang on your tree.


 Sweet Dreams 



Krysta said...

i love your kids doors and i love all of your pictures and thoughts. you are truly enjoying the wonder you are so calm. you're having fun making memories!

Angela said...

Andrea, I really enjoy reading your blog. I've been trying to cut back on my blog time, but I seem to always find time to quickly peek at yours. Thank you for sharing your talents and inspiration with others. I'm not at all creative when it comes to decorating, so I'm always impressed when I find someone who is.

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