Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday House...

I must confess that I have not bought one gift.  Yes, I know it is already December 12th.  I am however surprisingly calm.  I think more calm then I have ever been.  I recently realized that my greatest memories of Christmas have more to do with traditions and decorations then, gifts and packages.

I am going to take the time to record some of the Holiday Happenings that are going on at our house.  It is a good reminder to me of what is really important.

Christmas morning is such a magical day, but I have gotten so wrapped up in those few hours that I haven't captured the magic of the season.


Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing pictures of our home, traditions, thoughts, and feelings of the holidays.


During the holidays, I put out this little platter full of Holiday goodies. I let the kids have a few each day.  They enjoy this little tradition, who wouldn't?  I try to monitor how much they eat, and I use it as a reward for good deeds.

However... this little guy outsmarted me.

Outsmarted 2

He decided to help himself.  He stood on this chair unwrapping until he had his fill.  I hope this is a memory my kids will remember.  There is nothing like Christmas treats.  Peanut Butter cups and M&M's are yummy all year, but they taste even better when they are wrapped in red and green.

My kids love when the decorations go up.  We put them up after Thanksgiving.  Holiday Decorations create such a warmth in your home.  They often have special meanings and feelings behind them.  They stir up emotions and feelings that we associate with the spirit of the season. 

Our kids love to help and even get a little impatient while Jonathan and I string the lights on the tree.  This year was fun because I felt like I could really trust Jex and Stella to decorate the tree.  They actually did a really good job.


It isn't just my kids who love to put out the decorations, it is a favorite of mine too.  I remember how I felt as a kid when we would decorate the tree.  I hope our kids have fond memories, because it really is an important tradition.  As a child, I would sit and star at the tree at night.  I loved when all the lights were out, and the glow of the tree was all the light in the house.

I was thinking that it was time for a new tree this year, but I was pleasantly surprised when we got it all decorated.  I decided that I wanted new ornaments this year. I went with a red and silver theme. I started collecting Dec. 26th of last year.  I got a great deal on some boxes at Target.  They were 70 % off for an entire box of 70 ornaments.  I also picked some up at Thrift stores.  I found bags of ornaments for $1, and some for 10 cents a piece.  It has been fun putting them all together, and I am enjoying it so much.  I did go a little overboard, and I have more then I need.  I am actually enjoying the tree really full of ornaments, and I had ornaments left to use in other spots.  Plus, it made the magic last a little longer with each ornament that we put on the tree.


Another fun find this year is my new tree skirt that is actually not a tree skirt.  I found this beauty at an antique store for $2.  It is meant to be a table cloth, but I loved the handmade felt and glitter poinsettias and decided to turn it into a tree skirt. I knew under the tree my kids wouldn't be able to spill milk and yogurt on it.  It is way to pretty for that. The Bling adds so much, and I smile each time I see it.  I just can't bring myself to cover it with packages, oh plus I haven't bought anything to cover it with.

Tree Skirt

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our Holiday House.  I am looking forward to recording some of our memories, and creating a history of it all.  It really does help me stop and slow down this time of year.  It helps me to capture what is truly important.


Emily said...

Looks beautiful.

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