Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We had a visitor...

for LOVE day!!

It was so fun to have....mother and daughter


Photo taken by Stella(it is a little crooked, but It still looks great)

We did lots of fun things like....


I colored & cut her hair.

We also went out to eat

at a few great places.

Our favorite was the


(I know what you are all thinking)

No, it was delicious pizza like:

Baked Potato Pizza(YUM)

Chicken Ranch Mushroom

Fajita Pizza, and my personal fav

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip pizza.

I also taught her how to digital scrapbook.

The kids loved having her here to:Grandma and kids

read stories

play withGame Night

sleep with and

tease.  Mom and Isaac

It was a memorable week.

Now... back to reality.


Colt 'n Tami said...

oh I love Pamela! She's been a travel fool lately eh! How fun! Your kids are BEAUTIFUL! Your little one looks just like your dad! What a hunk!!!!

Dave and Lindsay said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! We are sad we couldn't be there. That pizza place sures sounds yummy though.

Michelle said...

Larry's Pizza rocks, but a visit from Mom is even better!
Wish I could have met her. :) See you soon. . .

Emily said...

Visitors are the best! I am a little jealous in advance at all the visitors you've had! I know when we get to Kansas, we'll be stranded out there and only a handful of people will come see us! (our BFF's in Texas will come for sure and Dave's parents . . . but after that . . . I'm drawing a blank!)

Eileen said...

You are the world's best mom, and now I have met the mom that trainned you! How fun!

Tara said...

How fun! I love it when my mom comes to visit - what a great treat for Valentine's Day. Good luck getting back to reality!

Ashlee said...

Your mom is so cute! And young! You look like you are good friends! I see where you get all your cuteness from!

Krysta said...

Looks like fun! Too bad that can't be reality forever!

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