Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making my list... and Checking it twice...

Make Christmas Cards

Decorate the house

Make a Gingerbread house

Send Christmas Cards

Send gifts to our family that is far away

Buy Christmas for the kids

Keep up our Christmas traditions

Wrap presents

Keep the house tidy during the Holidays

Make a few Christmas treats

Look at the  Christmas lights

Buy Stocking Stuffers

Have meaningful FHE's that tell what Christmas is really about

Read Christmas Stories

Plan Christmas Menu

I love nothing more then crossing things off my list... with only a few things left on my Christmas to-do list.... there is more time for blogging!!


Krysta said...

I love that too...I wish I was crossing more Christmas things off my list!

Jasons girls said...

I don't see pedicure and facial Andrea !!!! Ha Ha. I too love to mark things of a list. Miss you..

Michelle said...

Wow, good job! You are way ahead of me. . . .Although tonight I did do the photo-on-canvas project and the girls' flower clips, so I was thinking of you! :)

Bre said...

You are ahead of me I must say! I wish I didnt procrastinate so bad!!!

Tara said...

Very impressive, Andrea - my problem right now is that I keep loosing my list, so I make a new one, then I find the old one, then I loose them both, so I make a new one... I think I'm working off 5 lists tucked in the pockets of two coats, two bags and a pair of jeans.... Maybe I should blog my list so I don't loose it again! But first you have to teach me how to do that strikethrough thing -- your learning curve is amazing. :)

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