Friday, December 12, 2008

Giving myself a pat on the back...


As mothers, we often think of all of the things that we are not doing; or I could have done that better.  This is good and bad.  It is bad because often times we are just to hard on ourselves, yet is good because we take the time to improve on something. 

Last night, as I was laying in bed, I had an AH HA moment.  I thought about how important it is that I take the time to think about the good I did today instead of ALWAYS on what I could do better. 

I realized that yesterday's happenings really could have pushed me over the edge.  Five years ago, they probably would have.  However, yesterday I must say that I handled my day with grace and love.  I am giving myself a pat on the back.

You see, I took Isaac to the doctor yesterday for his 15 month well check appointment.  I was dreading it because he is really stubborn.  He hates people to touch him for what he feels are unnecessary purposes.  Don't you dare clip my toes, or wipe my face.  How was the doctor going to do all that prodding?  I knew this would not be fun.

The beginning of the visit started with a 1 hour wait in the waiting room.  I found a nice person to chat with which helped to ease some of my anxiousness, because I am the least bit patient.

Once we were called back, Isaac was extremely mad.  He

remembered this place.  OH GREAT!! 

Then how dare I lay him down on the bed that is covered in noisy sterile paper.  If that wasn't irritating enough for him, he was even more mad when the nurse  tried to get his measurements.

After all the routine was complete, we waited patiently in the room for the doctor.  Actually we waited anxiously, Stella was ready to go; she was hungry.  Isaac just wanted out of the room, and he was going to hit every wall until he found a way out.

Once the doctor came in she went through the normal routine, only it wasn't normal because Isaac screamed all the way through.  Now, this is where I really deserve the pat on the back.  I did not feel anxious one bit.  I patiently loved him, held him, and kept it together as I talked to the doctor about his milestones.  In fact, I don't think I once thought about his screaming, at all. 

When I only had Jex, I think I would have been a little crazy if he did that to me.  Back then, I think I was so worried about what kind of mother the doctor thought I was.  If my baby is crying, I couldn't possibly be a good mother.  Boy, did I have a lot to learn. 

So... I went about my business through all of the crying.  She did the normal checkup, he screamed and then..... she tried to look in his throat.  She hit is gag reflex(we have a really bad one in our family, gag easily, if you know what I mean), and he threw up all over me.  Curdled milk, and peanut butter crackers no less.  YUM!!  Did I smell delicious.  All this time, I was so patient, still kindly loving my son who was no doubt upset after all this.  I was a good mommy today.  I left the doctors office covered in throw up, and I still looked great; because I was happy.  I did not let this ruin my day.

The fun did not end there, because we still had to have shots.  Stella and I were also having a flu shot.  Now if any of you know Stella, she gets queasy at this sort of thing.  I really have to watch her, because she has a tendency to pass out.  However, I was a good mommy again, and I remembered that.  I watched her very closely, and tried to tend to her every need.  She did much better this time, I think because I was aware.

So... shots, probable passing out, screaming, throwing up, hunger pains...  and I still have a huge smile on my face.  What happened to me?  In the past, I would have gone home thinking that I just had the worst day.  I think I must be growing up.

The day ended with me covered in a rash as a side effect from the flu shot I received earlier.  It couldn't have ended any better.... but I still had that smile on my face when my hubby walked through the door after 14 hours at the hospital; because I missed him.  I was glad he was home.

I am glad I stopped to think about what I did right.  It never would have dawned on me that I am getting better at the little every day trials that I run in to.  I am thankful that I am improving at my job of motherhood.  I also thank God for the patience he granted me yesterday.


Krysta said...

You did have quite the day! Patience is few and far between somedays, but when we can find them in ourselves we really are happy...and much better moms!

I think the key is definately to lay in bed thinking of the good we did that day and not the bad. I give you a pat on the back too! :)

Jaron said...

What a great post, Andrea. I have realized that having loving patience in hairy moments is possibily my biggest thing to overcome as a mom right now. Thanks for the reminder on how to have a better perspective!

Alison said...

Wow, you did a great job! You definitely should pat yourself on that back - that is a huge accomplishment.

Michelle said...

Good job, Andrea! I had no idea all that had happened, and then you still had tending my boys to "look forward to"! Thank you so much. We realized while we were gone that the last time just the two of us had gone out to eat was in April! We LOVED IT.
You are awesome.

Katie said...

Way to go Andrea! We had many of those kind of days last year during Randy's first year of residency and I'm AMAZED we survived. Keep on pluggin' because you're almost half way through your first year so hopefully it can only get better from there. :)

Dave and Lindsay said...

All I can say is WOW, you had quite the day. I am very proud of how you handled it because I would never have been able to do that. I probably would have left in tears.

Anonymous said...

We've had a simalar day's this week. I don't think I had a smile on my face after though. I still have alot to learn about patience.

Kristin said...

I pat you on the back too! However, you will probably always deal with those things. I still have a horrible gag reflex I deal with and Jared passes out at the sight of a needle!! YIKES!

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