Thursday, November 20, 2008

What to do with all that scrapbook stuff?

In January of 2008 I switched from paper scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking. When I told people, the first sentence out of their mouth was; "What are you going to do with all that scrapbook stuff?" Well here is an example of what I will do with all that stuff. I had so much fun making this, and I created it in just a few hours.

I hung it in my kitchen window to adorn it during the holiday season. It says believe, and I think it is a wonderful word to ponder over this time of year. The night we put up our Christmas tree, I am going to talk to the kids about this word and let it be our theme for Christmas this year.

I specifically want the children to believe that a baby was born in a manger, and that he lived and died for us. We will talk about this as they unwrap their own Nativity that I had my mom buy them for Christmas. It is so cute. I wanted them to have a Nativity of their own that they could drop, pick up, and play with. After they unwrap the Nativity, I am going to let them tell us the story of the Savior's birth using the Nativity figures.

Christmas is such a magical time of year.... I BELIEVE that we can all choose to make it a memorable one as we focus on what the true meaning really is. I want my children to BELIEVE more in magic of the season, and the true reason for the season. Don't get me wrong, I still want my kids to BELIEVE in that man with the beard who comes down the chimney. I am not ready to give that up yet, but I hope to put less emphasis on that this year.

My Holiday goals are to:

1. Make the Holidays relaxing and joyful as we share them with our family.
2. Create meaningful traditions, that put more emphasis on the Savior's birth.
3. Make sure my children understand why we celebrate Christmas.

What are your Holiday expectations?


Krysta said...

That turned out really cute! Good job! I'm actually getting excited that this Christmas we aren't having any visitors (I was sad at first, but I'm over that now). I'm going to have so much more time to spend with my kids, taking it easy and really enjoying everything about Christmas. I will have more time to teach them.

I like your theme of believe.

Bre said...

I love the banner, you are too creative! What a great idea, and I love your goals! I am so excited for Christmas for so many reasons, its coming fast, and I love that you are getting festive already, I love the believe theme!

Eileen said...

Waaaaaaaay too cute!

Kara said...

very cute idea!

Amy said...

Hey Andrea, Just a note to say "hi" and compliment you on your beautiful pictures, postings, etc. It's been a while since I've checked out the blogs of people we cherish. Sounds like things are going well as life continues to clip right along! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember we are thankful for your family! Amy

Stephanie said...

Very cute. Glad you're still using your stuff! Believe is a great theme! Love this season!

Jasons girls said...

Wow what a great idea !! Thanks Andrea, you are so creative. I can't believe Stella looks so grown up on the horse.

We hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving. We miss you.

Kristie said...

darling use of supplies. i am glad you didn't throw them away! isn't digital fun and easy?

Donna said...

Thanks to you, Tara and Heidi's training... my Christmas gift to each of my grown children this year is a 12 by 12 book about our family that I made on-line. Bless you all for getting me started. I appreciate ideas for all that traditional scrapbook stuff too.

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