Wednesday, October 29, 2008

30 is good to me...

Yes, it is true... I just declared my age. I turned 30 this summer. I was actually kind of dreading it, but as the months have gone by I have discovered that I love everything about being 30.

It is this time in my life that I can truly say, with my whole heart, that I know who I am. I have shared this in a previous post, I know; however, it is such a blessing to me and it has changed my life. Recently, I specifically prayed to my Heavenly Father that I may know that he knows who I am. I wanted to know for sure that he knew me individually. The next day, I had the most amazing answer to my prayer. It was an instant answer, which to be honest, was my answer all on it's own. I am not really all that patient.

With this knowledge, it has given me a completely different outlook on life. I am sure you are all thinking, it took you until 30 to figure this out? I think I knew in the back of my mind that Our amazing Father knew me, but I never really put my faith in to action. Since that monumental day in my life, I have been reassured all most every day that he is proud of me and he is blessing me for me efforts. Oh... the peace and happiness that I feel.

As I have gone through this journey of change and growing up, I am recognizing my blessings each and every day. A fellow blogger, Nie Nie, has also inspired me in so many ways. I am thankful for her gift of reaching so many people. She has also changed my outlook. We are all given gifts, she has an amazing gift. I will forever be changed by her uplifting words. I too feel like I have been given the gift to recognize good, and let others examples influence me for the better. It is like the parable of the talents. If we don't share them they will never do us any good. I am thankful that Nie Nie did not bury her talents. She is inspiring, and so is her amazing sister C Jane. I am thankful for the inspiring ideas, the examples, the testimonies of others, and what they have taught me. I am also thankful for Heavenly Father who has been extremly patient these last 30 years. I can just hear him saying, "Yes!, she is finally getting it." I must say "I do, I get it." I am certain this is a phrase that I will be uttering to our Father many more times, for I know this life is a continous learning process. I am just thankful for the learning curve, because I think it takes me a while.

Just recently, a post of Nie Nie's was re-posted. It was titled... Monday's Review. It inspired me to share the highlights of my days. I have been thinking about all of the things I am thankful for; kind of like keeping a gratitude journal in my head. Well... it is time I wrote them down. Thank you Nie for inspiring me to do so... Mine shall be titled...
Tuesday and Wednesday Revisited.

- Taking Jex to school and celebrating Drug Free week. Grateful that my family is Drug free.

- Baking with Stella; delicious treats for my Enrichment Activity.
- Stella whispering to me, "Mom you are my best friend, and then later saying, "Mom, I am glad Jesus sent me to you."

- Isaac watching his dad mow the lawn, and then seeding it.

- He stood at the window for 3 hours.

- He loves h
is daddy.

- Saying "Aloha", at my Enrichment Luau, and having everyone say it back.

- My husband having the day off.

- Looking at these trees everyday and rec
ognizing God's Beauty all around us.

- Didn't clean up the kitchen for at least an hour after dinner was through. Danced around in the living room with my kids. While listening to my new favorite tune... Feather in the Wind by Mindy Gledhill.
(listen to the words, totally amazing)

- Snuggling with Isaac in the morning while I fed him his bottle.

- Finally sleeping next to my husband who had been on call and at the hospital for 36 hours.

- My baby FINALLY walking, and watching his face. He was so proud, and so am I.

Life is Wonderful... Thirty is marvelous... Time is a gift...
Oh we are blessed.

8 comments: said...

you go girl! You are one amazing mama! Love the words your kids say to ya... how sweet are they! You're always doing fun, energetic things with your kiddies! They sure are lucky to have ya as their ma! p.s. Happy Halloween, I'm excited to see what you're kids will be, they're so DARN cute!!!

Dave and Lindsay said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you!

Krysta said...

I feel the same way about 30 (but you already know that :). Something magical's about time isn't it!?!

Becky and Jaron Brunson Family said...

You "old" woman! J/K! What great thoughts. I "tagged" you on my blog - check it out!

Tara said...

Ooooh, you make 30 sound *good*. I guess that means it's time to get to work - I have ONE year to figure out life. :) I read a Sister Hinckley quote that 50 was her favorite age -- it took her that long to finally stop comparing and start LIVING. I guess it just keeps getting better! That is encouraging!!!
Isaac is DARLING! What a gem! And good job, Stella, with the camera! Nice to have a good helper around. :)

HLFackrell said...

Wow! What wonderful insight and only 30. I'm still trying to figure it out and I have 15 years on you. Thanks for sharing.

Leila said...

My thirties have been my best decade, although I still have a long way to go on the road of self discovery. I think I WAS 30 before I even realized there was such a road. So, you are light years ahead of me! Thanks for the insight.

Michelle said...

I think it's fun that we're both 30 now, at least for a couple of months. :)
This post was beautiful.
You also have a wonderful gift for uplifting with your words! Thank you for sharing these thoughts.
See you soon!

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