Wednesday, September 3, 2008

{Visitors are the best... especially when it is your sis!!}

My sister and her husband get the first visitor to our new home award. It was so nice to have family come and see us. Lindsay was able to come to our old house last year, but Dave wasn't able to come with her. It was so nice to have them both this time.

The kids enjoyed every minute of it. I think they wore them both out. Dave pretty much played with the kids all day. We enjoyed having them hang out in our house. We made yummy food, went for snowcones(twice), played games and watched movies.

We also went to the zoo with them. We haven't been to our zoo yet, so it was really fun to go and check it out. I think we picked the hottest day of the year to go, but luckily we didn't melt.

One of the nights, we got a babysitter and went out. It was a blast. We went and ate at a place called The Whole Hog Cafe. It is famous for it's BBQ. It was so YUMMY!! Then we went to an Arkansas Travelers Baseball Game. They are a AA Team.

We were also able to celebrate Isaac's birthday. It was so nice to have them here. It is so hard to be away from family. You miss that connection with others. It was so nice to reconnect again, and get to know LIndsay and Dave all over again. Because we grow and change, it is difficult to know everything about our siblings. I think having them in our home allowed us to catch a glimpse of just how wonderful Dave and Lindsay are. We knew it all along, it was just fun to see it again, and to be with two great people.

We LOVE you Dave and Lindsay!! Thanks for a great visit.

P.S. Lindsay has the pics of the baseball game on her camera. Hopefully I can get them, and post them.


Dave and Lindsay said...

We really enjoyed it as well and enjoyed getting to know you, your lives, and Jex, Stella, and Isaac even better. I am posting pictures tonight, and I will email you the baseball ones.

Kristin said...

Looks like you had a good time. We will have to try and come out to see you guys so Jonathan can meet Jared, that is going to be weird!!! So I sent you a couple of emails about the announcement, let me know what you think.

Krysta said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun! It is nice to be with family and it's hard to keep up with everyone when you live so far away. Now they know what the day to day is all about... :)

Lindsey and Nick said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm glad you were able to visit with your family. I know what you mean about being far from family!

Christal said...

...and how great to have THE SPACE to more comfortabley accomodate your loved ones! Glad someone got to visit you. BTW..have you received any email from me? A couple of people are not getting it. Wonder if you aren't either. Let me know. Love ya!

Jessica said...

What cute pics--it's so fun to have friends and family visit. Your new blog is fun with great ideas--how do you find the time for it all?

Stephanie said...

How fun! Aren't sisters the best! Love them!

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