Sunday, September 28, 2008

Personal Revelation

As General Conference draws near, I have been thinking about the wonderful gift we as church members share. That is the gift of revelation; personal and from our Heavenly Father through our prophet. I am excited to listen, and ponder on the revelation this next weekend.

However, my mind had been focused on the wonderful gift of personal revelation. Today, I wanted to share with you my feelings and testimony of this wonderful blessing.

Yesterday, at the General Relief Society meeting, Sister Beck said, "We can do the Lord's work if we seek, receive and act on personal revelation. We must heed all revelation. We must be still; revelation takes serious mental effort."

As sisters of the Relief Society we all have a responsibility to organize, teach and aspire all. I am thankful for personal revelation to assist me in this effort.

I would like to share a few things that I have learned about personal revelation. Elder Robert D. Hales said, that prayer is the firm foundation for revelation. We should then study it out in our minds. Revelation comes on the Lord's timetable, so we must move forward with faith.

Please note: I am paraphrasing from his talk. When it is a direct quote I will note.

President James E. Faust also taught that the church has flourished because of the divine direction that is given to all individuals. This direction is to help lead us to eternal salvation. I am so thankful for this wonderful blessing to help lead me. I am now working on using it, and listening to it.

How do we use it? Personal Revelation does not extend beyond our own Stewardship. This includes revelation for us, our family, and our calling.

Where does the revelation come from? The Holy Ghost is the revelator.

How do we recieve personal revelation?
I will tell you in your mind and in your heart. (D&C 8:2)
By the Still Small Voice (1 Kings 10:11-12)
A still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it did pierce even to the very soul
(Helaman 5:30)

We really must listen if we expect to hear personal revelation, because most times it is a very quiet voice that whispers what we should know. I have often times had revelation when I am on a walk, in the shower or just quietly minding my own business. I will receive a thought in my mind, and it is often later on in the day that I recognize it as personal revelation.

President Faust gave us a few guidelines to follow when seeking revelation.
1. Keep the commandments
2. Be spiritually attuned
3. Ask in a humble prayer
4. Exercise your faith

Our responsibilities as members is to seek after revelation for ourselves, and listen to the responsibilities given to us. Just the other day I felt prompted to call a friend. I am so glad I did. She was in the hospital, and had just given birth to a new baby. I was able to wish her congratulations, and tell her I care about her. I am thankful I acted on the prompting to serve.

I have also had moments of revelation when I am reminded of the blessing I have been given. Almost as if, the Lord is telling me, "I gave that blessing to you to bless your life for this purpose." I love recognizing those thoughts, and knowing that they are put there to strengthen my faith. It also reminds me that I am loved by our Heavenly Father, that he knows me, and recognizes my needs. I know that it is through the small and simple acts of faith that miracles are wrought.

I want to close with this thought from Elder Robert D. Hales. He said, "Miracles will usually be tender mercies gently bestowed through impressions, ideas, feelings of assurance, solutions to problems, strength to meet challenges, and comfort to bear disappointments and sorrows."

I hope you can recognize the gift of personal revelation in your own life. I also pray that you can remember the blessing of Latter-Day revelation as we listen to our prophet this weekend. As one last reminder, President Wilford Woodruff said, "The church could not live 24 hours without revelation."

Communion with the Holy Ghost by President James E. Faust
Personal Revelation by Elder Robert D. Hales


Amy said...

Thanks Andrea for your timely thoughts and testimony. I can't believe how spoiled you have been with visitors. And I was informed by Dad a few days ago that you get them for Christmas! Luckyyyyyy!

(Isn't that what Napoleon Dynamite would say?)


Jerald and Lorene said...

Thanks for your thoughts and reminders about revelation. We have had lessons in Relief Society about this recently. I particularly enjoyed the quote about the church not lasting for 24 hours without revelation. Your wisdom and insights are beyond your years. Thanks for sharing. I too am looking forward to Conference week-end.

Krysta said...

I would be lost in life, especially as a mother without prayer and the Holy Ghost to whisper those personal revelations to me. You're right, it is mostly during those quiet times of the day that the promptings come. I need to remember to slow down and listen more often!

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