Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's been a while...

Well, it has been a while since my fingers were typing up Swenson Family news on our blog. The last few weeks have gone by very quickly and have been very busy. I am happy to say that my lack of blogging has been for a really good reason.


We were so lucky to have the Moes's stay with us while they waited for their power to come back on in Houston. I am sure it was not the best circumstances for them, but we were so happy for the visit.

They stayed with us for almost a week, and it was wonderful. We had such a great time. Our family feels so thankful to have such great friends. We also know that Heavenly Father has blessed us to live near them at this time in our life. It is so nice to know that we have someone to rely on that is only a 7 hour drive away, versus the 21 to our family in Utah. What a blessing!!It was wonderful to welcome them in to our home, and just enjoy their company.

Many of you know that Krysta is my best friend, so I am always so happy to have her here. Having a friend that you can trust, rely on and understand is an amazing gift, and I treasure it everyday. I think it is an even greater gift to have husbands and children that get along as well. I love her children like my own. I think you can relate it to how you feel about nieces and nephews. Jonathan and Casey are wonderful friends. Krysta and I value, and can see what wonderful husbands we have.
We had a whole week to play and have fun, so here is what we did:

Casey was able to set up shop and work from home. He had his own little office in our house, so that worked great. During the day, we would play with the kiddos, and enjoy our little chats. In the evenings we enjoyed dinner together, and dessert. One night we had apple crisp in the backyard. The kids always wanted a baseball game with the daddies. They would stand outside and chant "Baseball game, Baseball game." It was so funny.

The kids loved every minute of playing in the playhouse that Casey and Jonathan built back in June. It was nice to see them using it together after their daddies worked so hard on it. They even spent a whole day cleaning it, and decorating it.(yes, they do belong to Krysta and I) They all colored pictures, and then they hung them up all over the playhouse. It was so cute(I wish I had a picture of that, what were we thinking?)

On Friday night, when the kids didn't have school, we let them watch a movie and have a sleepover. I have to say it went pretty well. Once the kiddos were in bed each night, we did the typical Moes and Swenson activity; GAME NIGHT!! BOYS against GIRLS... girls won!!!(I think) It was so fun to laugh, and remember old times. (we used to play cards like this before we even had kids.)

On Sunday night, Krysta and I were way to tired to make dinner so... we had Brownies for dinner. The kids thought it was so cool. We got The mom's of the year award that night.

We also crossed a few things off our to-do list(blogging wasn't one of them.) We made hair bows for the girls out of flowers, a wreath for Krysta's door, and we had a Moes kid Photo shoot. I fell in love with Krysta's camera while she was here, and I kept snapping pictures. It was the perfect opportunity for me to play with it some more. The pictures turned out great. It was really fun for me. I can't wait to save my money and get a Fancy camera. (Christmas is right around the corner.)

On Saturday, we took a trip to Hot Springs because we had never been there before. It was a nice day out of the house. Hot Springs it a fun town, full of charm. While we were there we went to the car show, and BBQ cook-off. We also spent some time at a nice park and had a picnic lunch. We let the kids roam around, and run off some energy. (I had some fun with the camera again.)

Hot Springs had some fun shopping, I can't wait to go back and check that out. Maybe with the next visitors(who's next?)

After Hot springs, we went and enjoyed a nice dinner out. I guess you could call it nice, Isaac spent a good share of it screaming at me. We ate at a BBQ place called Corky's. We took my parents there when they came for a visit, and we enjoyed it. It was a nice day.

I am so thankful for my week of fun with the Moes's. Now it is back to business, and back to my normal routine. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Dave and Lindsay said...

That looks like you guys had tons of fun. I had no idea that they were out to visit...but I bet it was a good time for all!!

Emily said...

Visitors are the BEST! Loved the photos. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Casey Moes said...

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality. We had a great time. Looking forward to Novmeber and another round of game night... make that "game nights".
Take care--as they say in Texas, "see Y'all soon."

Tara said...

What fun! Sounds like the Moes' will be looking forward to the next hurricane. :) Your pictures look great!!

Krysta said...

I miss you! I'm counting the weeks down until you come!

Jasons girls said...

Looks like a fun visit and how nice for them to have a place to go !!!

Jasons girls said...

Looks like a fun visit !! Miss you guys.

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