Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh Isaac....

The last few months have been very trying for me with our little Isaac. I am sure many of you have heard my complaints. Needless to say he is much different then our first two. We like to call him SPUNKY!! Spunky he is. I find myself only sharing with our family and friends how annoying it gets when he screams, and believe me he can scream. It made me reflect about all of the other things that I love about him. I don't want to remember him as a screamer at one, so I am taking the time to write down a few of my favorite Isaac Characteristics, and some of the great things I want to remember about Isaac at one. Even though he screams at me most of the day, I still love so many wonderful things about him.

Isaac at One...

I love when Isaac hugs me. When he needs a snuggle he will wrap his arms so tight around me neck. It is the sweetest thing. He also lays his head on my shoulder when some one talks to him and he wants to be bashful.

I love how he adores Jex and Stella. When he sees them he laughs, and tries to get as close to them as possible. Just the other day, he walked(with his hands along the wall) to go and hug Stella. It was a precious moment.

I love how he values his sleep. He goes to bed early, and wakes up early.(okay, so this can be annoying at times) However ,it is so nice when he is in bed at 7:00. He also takes two (2 1/2 hour) naps.

He is such a good eater. He will eat whatever it is that we are having.

I love his smile. It could light up an entire room. He loves to be friendly with people. He will smile at them and say "Hi."

He loves to tease. He will look at you with a big grin on his face when he is not supposed to do something. When I say "Isaac, NO!" He will just look at me and laugh. I know this is not a wonderful characteristic, but is shows his spunky personality. I have a hard time not laughing myself.

I love that he is so curious. He wants to figure out how things work, and how to do it. He loves buttons, and turning on and off the lights. He is always busy, and sometimes he is just to busy to do what you need him to do(like change his diaper.)

He is so full of life and personality. He is doing so much with his language. He says a lot of words, and tries to repeat things that you say.

Why play with toys?, when emptying moms cupboards, pulling toilet paper off the roll, fishing in the toilet, and banging pots and pans is so much funner. He seriously never plays with his toys.

I find him in his room reading books all the time. It is one of the only quiet activities that he does.

I love his pointer finger. He points at everything. It is part of his curiosity.

I love that when he drinks his bottle he still lets me hold him like a newborn. He is so snugly.

In the morning when he wakes up, he can hardly wait to drink his bottle. He makes the cutest little pucker face while he waits(most of the time, not patiently) for you to give it to him.

He is just starting to take a few steps, and it is so fun watching him.

He loves being outside, and has figured out how to climb the playhouse all by himself. He was out there yesterday, and I ran inside to bring in our dishes from our picnic. I was only in one minute. When I looked out there he was 3 steps up. DANGER DANGER!! I ran out there, and stood behind him. He finished the rest. Then he will slide down the slide on his tummy. WOW! He has so much more adventure then the other two. Here is a couple of videos of his new task. They are about 2 minutes a piece so watch them if you would like.

I love this little man. Even thought he is so busy, and keeps me on my toes. I enjoy watching how his little mind works. Now if we could just get rid of the screaming life would be great. (watch for the scream in the video, you may want to plug your ears.)


Krysta said...

I miss Isaac! Screams and all. The scream in the video wasn't even his BAD one! :) He definately is your spucky one, but that's just more reason to love him! Can't wait to snuggle with him again.

Dave and Lindsay said...

I can't even believe that he climbs those stairs. He is still too little!! He is very adventurous!

Elise said...

Spunky is definately challenging and fun all at the same time...Macy also has quite the spunk in her. It does make life exciting though!

Kristin said...

I about died seeing him climb all those stairs. I have heard those screams, mainly when I am trying to talk to you on the phone and all I hear is screams!! Hopefully he will get that out of his system now.

Ashlee Dunlap said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe he's climbing so well! G can, but he doesn't try enough - I guess 'cause I always just do it for him..I need to stop that! What a fun play place!

Jasons girls said...

WOW, does he know he is only 13 months old ?? How amazing he is and I am sure quite a challenge for you. I think he will be running and talking in complete sentences at 18 months Ha Ha!!! Remember to breathe Andrea. Love and miss you guys.

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