Monday, May 19, 2008

Is there anything better than friends?

It is 1:30 am, and I just can't bring myself to sleep. I am on a friend high. Today, our friends here in OP had a BBQ for us. It was our last BBQ. We had a great turnout with wonderful food and conversation. I am so sad to be leaving this wonderful place. We have formed some tremendous bonds and lasting friendships with so many people. Many of our friends were here to greet us when we moved in, others have come along in our time here, and some we have just recently gotten to know. All of them have made a lasting impact on our family. I will miss everything we have shared, and each person for different reasons.

I know it is time for our family to move on, but it is just not fair. Do you think it would be possible to ask them all to move with us? I know that we will make more friends, and I always say, "She who dies with the most friends wins!!" hee hee. I will however, miss the friends I have now, and never forget all they have done for us. So... here is a shout out to all of our OP friends(you know who you are) We Love you and will miss you!! THANKS, for being our "extended family."

There is a song on the radio,that always reminds me of all of our friends here, and what kind of friendship we have. Some of the lyrics say:

Run your car off the side of the road,
get stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhere.
Get yourself in a bind, loose the shirt off your back
need a floor, need a couch, need a bus fare

This is where the cream is going to rise,
this is what you really didn't know
this is where the truth don't lie

You find out who your friends are
Somebody's gonna drop everything
Run out and crank up there car
Hit the gas, get there fast
Never stop to think what's in it for me, or it's way to far
They just show on up, with there big old heart.
You find out who your friends are.

When the water's high, when the weather's not so fair, when the well runs dry:
Who's gonna be there?
You find out who your friends are.

This song always reminds me of how our friends have always been there for us. Everyone here is so willing to give and do for each other. What a wonderful thing to have in life. Friends to lean on.

I will end this post with one of my favorite quotes.

"Are we going to be friends forever?", asked Piglet
"Even Longer", answered Pooh


Krysta said...

Ohhhhh...I like the lyrics to that song. Moving is so hard!! What a bitter-sweet thing for you! Moving usually is. Thank goodness for blogging and e-mailing to stay in touch with everyone.

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