Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

After eight months of not going anywhere without Isaac, I finally cut the apron strings.(well sort of) I took the older two to see a theater production of Beauty and the Beast. Jonathan was kind enough to stay home with Isaac. He is finally taking a bottle. He has only had a few, but seems to be doing well. If only he could get over his anxiety. He cried hard for a little bit after I left, but got over it soon enough.
So... I was able to spend some quality time with the older kids. It was such a fun night. We bought lots of treats, and souvenirs to remind us of the fun night. The show was amazing, and the kids did not get bored with it. At one point, Jex grabbed my arm and said, "Mom, thanks for taking me on this date." That made it all worth it. It got even better when it took them an hour to settle down and go to sleep. They had so much to tell Jonathan about, that they just couldn't stop talking.
I enjoyed my night out with them. I had forgotten how much I enjoy them when it is just us. I will certainly be doing that more often. Thanks Jonathan for taking care of Isaac, so I could enjoy a great night with the kids.


Krysta said...

How fun! I love those kinds of nights. I do love your new hair cut too! :)

Donna said...

Where did you see the production? My grandkids would like it too. I love the little photo frames you have at the right side of your blog. Where did you find those?

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