Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jex's Five and a Half Birthday

I tried to make a web album out of this, but it wasn't cooperating today. So you get the long version.

Jex got to celebrate his Five and Half birthday yesterday at school. It was so fun to be a part of that. We made twinkies look like Transformers(I tried to be creative on that one). They almost look like it. The kids were thrilled. Jex got to pass out plates, napkins and cups to everyone(Transformers, of course). Then he decided what kind of cake he wanted. The children pretended to bake him a cake, a chocolate Star Wars cake for 100 hours at his request. After the baking, they sang Happy Birthday to you....(Chinese Chicken). I had never heard that version before, but that was per his request also. He blew out the candles, and then all the kids enjoyed their treat. Complete with a twinkie, gum, starburts, oreos, and frosting. I sent them home plenty sugared up for their parents. It was a fun day.
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Mark & Pam said...

Jex you are so lucky!! It looks like you had a very fun 5 1/2 birhtday party!! thanks for the pictures of your special day at school! we love you gram and papa

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

How fun, and the twinkies look awesome! You are seriously super mom!

Krysta said...

What a fun idea with the twinkies. Jake would love that! So would Drew.

Stephanie said...

You, my friend, are my hero! You are so creative and such a great mom. I feel like I'm just struggling to stay above water and you're out there leading the way with all your creative ideas! Keep it up, you're awesome!!!!

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