Monday, April 21, 2014

While I was sleeping… my house changed colors.

During the time that I was resting either while I was sick or recovering from surgery…  we had exciting things going on in our house.

It was time to take down the wallpaper…

and have the house painted a new fresh color.

In the beginning of January, I painted color swatches all over the walls. My plan was to paint my house during the cold winter months when going outside wasn’t something I looked forward to.  Projects during the winter are always a good thought. Much to my dismay my winter plans didn’t go like I thought they would. 

I had planned on painting the majority of the house on my own with the exception of the great room; which was much to tall for me to tackle without scaffolding and some tall ladders.

Once the painter for the great room was hired, my health went down hill. 

Just days after picking paint colors, I had my appendectomy.

The rooms I had previously determined to paint on my own have since all been done by the painter, or will be in the near future. 

Paint is such a wonderful way to change your house because paint is so inexpensive, and it is something you can do yourself.  Although, this time I am handing over my paintbrush while I regain my health.

It brought me so much happiness while I was sick to be seeing such fun progress going on in the house.

It is amazing how much of a difference paint can make. 

I thought you might enjoy seeing the change:

I think the greatest change is our fireplace.  If you remember the previous owner had wallpapered our fireplace.  Although the wallpaper was modern and unique it just wasn’t my style or taste.  I wanted something much cleaner and brighter.

Fireplace before:

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0279_zpsb846e7d6.jpg

Fireplace After:

 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0688_zpsb0467295.jpg

As you can see, we brightened up the house with this fun gray color.  The previous color was a warm beige. 

I knew I wanted a cool gray color.


 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0274_zps18eae1fd.jpg

It was pretty easy to decide on the color. 


 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0682_zpse52deca5.jpg

Grey’s always have an undertone, typically; brown, green, blue or purple. 

I knew I wanted it to be a cool blue gray color; and I chose the cool because I have so much white trim and the turquoise accents.

I chose Sherwin Williams Stonington Gray.

It took a lot of work to reach such high ceilings.


 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0288_zpsc9503200.jpg 

I’m glad it wasn’t me with the paintbrush and I hate heights.


 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0696_zps6cacceb3.jpg

I loved how great my piano looks against the paint.


 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0278_zps3104cc49.jpg 

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0249_zps2cc29cc2.jpg

I feel like it blends right in with the wall, and looks so sleek.


 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0687_zpsd9695530.jpg 

If you remember, I also had the some wallpaper in my kitchen:

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0289_zps00be5eba.jpg

Here it is without the paper and a fresh coat of paint.  What a nice change:

 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0677_zps7aaddd3d.jpg

I still have more rooms that I am currently waiting to have painted. 

We have hired someone who paints our house after hours and when he is available.

It has saved us so much money, but has also made the process slower.  It has been so helpful since I can’t paint it myself right now.

While I was taking pictures of the new paint job, Tess just had to pose for some pictures.  She made me smile.

 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0704_zps3f671e58.jpg

You can tell her mom often has a camera around her neck.

Here are a few more examples of how the paint changed the house.  Because of course if you change one thing, you end up changing other things.  You may notice I have moved some things around:

 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0679_zpsb6ce8faf.jpg


 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0281_zpsf5e2e892.jpg


 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0689_zps0ed56f75.jpg

 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0711_zpsf04f875d.jpg


 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0287_zps7db3c20a.jpg


 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0710_zpsa431a407.jpg

 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0708_zpsef115112.jpg


 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0253_zpse7566ca9.jpg


 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0694_zps532b2d50.jpg

 photo HousepaintedandTessaposing-0685_zps91d63b63.jpg

Thanks for coming by.


Tinamari said...

I may be crazy but are your kids models for ?

Tinamari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

K. I'm in love with your house. So beautiful. And the mantel looks amazing!!!

Marji Jim Anderson said...

i love the color! it looks much more like "you"

Anonymous said...

Andrea! I love the changes! The pops of blue are just perfect. Very homey. Blessings to you. Sarah

Alison Woods said...

Oooh, so much better. Love, love! Very classy.

The Brasfields said...

LOVE!! Where did you get those gorgeous blue frames you hung vertically on the wall? I need them! Ha!

Amy said...

Such a fresh new look! I love it!

Carrie said...

I LOVE IT! I'm SO into grey right now. If I had a house right now I would definitely do that instead of the bland beige!

Leslie Posey said...

I love it

Cathy said...

Know you're finally feeling like yourself when you think of decorating :). It looks so pretty.

katie@tulsadetails said...

What a transformation! It looks great!

Eileen said...

One of these days, I'm gonna come find you and have a tour. LOVE the new paint.

One of these days. . . . .

Darrin & Jen said...

I love, love, love your coffee table. I was wondering where you got it from.

Colleen said...

it looks gorgeous! so bright and airy yet your decor adds nice pops of color. love it.

Jerri-Lea said...

Ooooo love it!! We painted our walls a couple of years ago ~ Porpoise by Behr. LOVE it!
We also have pops of turquoise and green! And I was inspired by you to match our outfits for our last family photo shoot with the same colours. Thank you! Looks so good!
Now to declutter the house and get my "Andrea decore" on!

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