Tuesday, January 7, 2014

missing and memories

I can’t believe how long it has been since I blogged.

I can list off the many excuses, but you don’t want to hear that.

Lets just say life kicked me in the tail, and the stomach last month.

I am back on my feet, and hopefully getting back into a routine.

I finally took my Christmas decorations down yesterday. 

That is the latest date on record for the Swenson family.

But when you get kicked, you get kicked; and it takes a minute to get back on your feet.

We had a nice Christmas.  It was different for us the year. 

We have never been able to celebrate with family before.  EVER. 

It was a nice change, and a busy change.  With the stomach flu involved for all, it made it all the more busy.

It was a great change to share the memories with our family.

It’s wonderful that kids don’t care about all the fuss, they just want the magic.

We certainly believe in the magic of Christmas around here.

Regardless of how crazy, busy,  or nauseas Christmas is; kids bring the magic.

OK, I need to get on track.  All I really wanted to do with this post is drop in and say hi, share my favorite holiday memories…

oh, and leave you with our Christmas card and greetings which should have come much sooner from me.

But hey!  You do it when you can, with no guilt involved. 

I am striving this year to just enjoy my life, do what I can do, and leave the guilt behind.



It’s good to be here.

Here is the picture story of my favorite holiday memories:

 photo Christmas2013-0279_zpse3f5279f.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0284_zps1eb1a6dd.jpg

 photo Favoritethingsparty-0041_zps15801f6d.jpg

 photo Favoritethingsparty-0040_zps388c004f.jpg

 photo Favoritethingsparty-0004_zpsdbd175cb.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0268_zps07e9e327.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0340_zps606ec2bc.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0366_zps253abd3d.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0373_zpsaee0577b.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0393_zps642e05ef.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0403_zps16f62e01.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0415_zpsc22d604e.jpg

 photo Christmas2013-0430_zpsdb254ad7.jpg

 photo TempleSquareatChristmas-0449_zps14ac8c0e.jpg

 photo TempleSquareatChristmas-04412_zpsf8f7e46a.jpg

 photo Decemberinstagramcollage2012_zpsf0fb5528.jpg

…and my Merry Christmas greetings:

 photo Christmas2013-0344_zps1b44d45a.jpg

I mean New Year greetings.

 photo Christmas2013-0346_zps94551e9b.jpg

See you soon.



julie said...

A very happy new year to you all :)

Candice said...

Beautiful! Sorry you've been sick. That's the worst!

Tara said...

Your photos are great - looks like a fantastic holiday, flu notwithstanding! It was a treat to see you again and see your beautiful children and lovely home. Thanks for letting me squeeze in. :) Enjoy the mountains for me!

Stella said...

MY card was too late but I had yours in time. It is still in our living room and I enjoy looking at the photos. Wishing you and your family all the best for a happy and healthy 2014. Good to be here again and see you again!
X Stella

Pam said...

It was awesome to spend Christmas together and I loved your favorite things party. It was sooo fun!!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

It is so very rough when mom gets sick...I got sick right after New Years and am still battling...I am sorry it hit you during the holidays! Thank You for the Christmas Card, you have such a beautiful family and you always inspire me to do more! P.S. I Didn't get mine back in time...so I am trying to figure a way in sending them over another holiday! Love all the sweet pictures though! Glad you are on the mend! You are getting me excited for next year and the holidays with family! So very Happy for you and yours!

Jerri-Lea said...

Love love love the new family photos!! You are a very talented lady!!

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