Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our favorite Easter Egg Hunt

We started this little tradition last year, and the kids are already asking about it.

Yes, I plan to do it again.  It was so much fun, and such a hit with the kids.

Easter 2012-0308

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

What you need:

glow sticks(we used bracelets, and I just bought more for this year in the Target Dollar spot)


plastic eggs


Wait until it is dark outside.

Start by breaking the sticks so they glow. 

Then gently fold them into thirds and tape. 

You must do this without breaking them so they don’t leak.

Easter 2012-0307

Place the folded glow stick inside your plastic eggs, close and watch them glow.

Now hide them outside in the dark.

Easter 2012-0301

Listen to your kids laugh and enjoy every minute.

Our kids liked finding these eggs even more than they did finding eggs with treats and money hidden inside.

After we did our hunt; we let the kids hide them for each other.  The fun just kept on going.

I found this idea on pinterest here last year.


For more of my favorite Easter pins; visit my board here.


Lucy Vesterman said...

Hi!! I'm 16 and I Cant wait to be a mom!! Your children are truely adorable and your family is wonderful! Have you heard of the Shaytards? Theyre a mormon youtube family with four kids who just make a video everyday! You should check them out!! I cant wait to have a family like yours!

Colleen said...

such a cute idea. I can see why they love it!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a blast! I never would have thought of that!

Kelly A. said...

Sounds like fun! How long do the bracelets stay lit? I am just wondering how much before hand I could prepare this o if I need to wait until just before the hunt? Thanks!!

Michelle said...

How fun!! I love that idea.

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