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Baking Box

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Today I am sharing a little gift inspiration.

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I gave this as a Christmas gift, but it is something that you could give anytime of year.

I put this together for my sister’s for Christmas.

I know that we just finished all the Christmas hoop-la; but I would love to receive this gift any time during the year.

If you are looking for something fun to give someone; this just might be it.

I think it would make a wonderful Valentines gift.

I have said before and I will say it again, “I love to give gifts that are consumable or something that we use.”

I came up with this idea because I wanted to express to my sisters what a gift and a tool baking has been for me.  It has been one of the greatest methods I use to spend time with my children. 


I started by collecting some cookie cutters for them. I think I ended up with about 20 for each of them.

My box of cookie cutters is one of my most prized possessions, so I am hoping this box with be important to them as well.


There isn’t a better way to spend quality time with your kids than teaching them something.

Cooking vintage

(Stella at three years old)

Teaching them to bake is a win-win for you.

Stella cookies1

I taught Stella to bake at a really early age; and now she makes most of our family treats.  It is also a great time to talk, and when I have found my kids really open up.


(Stella at eight)

Once I found a stash of cookie cutters, I picked up some sprinkles.


Sprinkles make everything better.

I stumbled on some holiday picks and of course…


some cute cupcake liners.


I gave them quite a variety of cupcake liners.

Cupcakes are a good place to start with your kids.  A cake mix and some store-bought frosting; and they have made a treat.


From the time my little ones are very little; probably one years old, I have them put the cupcake liners in the muffin tin.  It is a great way to start them out with helping in the kitchen.  It always gives them great satisfaction.

As part of the gift, I knew I wanted to add an apron.


It was my lucky day when I found a Christmas apron.  There are adorable aprons in all styles out there right now.

The most important part of the gift was a few of my favorite baking recipes; this is the part of the gift that makes it personal. 


I also wanted them to be handwritten so they would have a little piece of me in their recipe file.

I had all four of my kids before my amazing sisters had any.  Even though, I have been a mom longer, I still learn from them all the time.

I wanted to share something I have learned about being a mother with them.

They also have small children so now is the perfect time to start the tradition of involving your kids in the kitchen.


Then I put it all together in a adorable photo box, that reminded me very much of Christmas. 

It was important for me to give it to them in something they could keep it in.


I included a note on the top about why I bake with my kids, and how it is one of our favorite traditions.

christmas cookies

When we bake in our house, not only is some really delicious goodies made; but also a lot of love.

I wanted my sisters to share in that love.


So I packaged it all up with a pretty little bow, and sent it to them to begin their own baking traditions.

I hope you can find a way to share a piece of you in your gift giving.

Valentines is right around the corner.  I think kids would even enjoy a baking kit for the big love day.  What better way to show your kids you love them, then by spending time with them in the kitchen.  Remember to think simple when teaching your kids to bake.  Maybe by a a sugar cookie mix and store bought frosting to get them started.  Then you can move on to a real recipe. 

One more thing I wanted to tell you is that my oldest son didn’t think baking was real awesome.  That is until I taught him to read the recipe, and showed him how it involves math. 

Every once in a while, I will tell him I need his math skills to help me double the recipe.  It is really teaching him about fractions.

He feels important when he feels like he is really helping me.


Stacy said...

I love this post and I am so glad to say that my kids have been baking with me their whole lives. My daughter just turned 11 and son will be 15 in March and everytime I am getting ready to make a goody they come running to help!! so proud to say that at his age he still loves it!!!! and it makes my momma heart so happy!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I too, love gifts that are pretty, unique and usable!

KW said...

It was a great gift and I loved receiving it! I am sure it will get good use out of it!

Jennifer Volpe said...

Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea!

Jo Jo said...

This was a great post, and an even better gift! What a treasure!

Pam said...

they were such adorable gifts!

Simply Domestic said...

Precious idea! I'm so thankful I taught my girls to cook at an early age. It paid off! Your gifts are always amazing!

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