Friday, November 16, 2012

Winner of Picket Fence Publishing Executive Calendar Announced

Executive Planner-1032

…and the winner’s are:

1. Jen from UT, who said: “I love everything about this planner!” Email me Jen.

2. KB from the blog two distracted who said: “Wow, this would be such a big help for me!! With two kids, a job, a husband working odd hours, and volunteering at church and school, and a part-time photographer I am always on the go and feel very scatterbrained at times. I NEED This”  I sent you an email this morning.

3. and another Jen who said: “I love the fact that I would stop having a million papers, sticky notes, junk mail envelopes with notes on them. I would enjoy the grocery/menu section very much.”  Ok, Jen email me and we will get you this calendar.

Ok Girls, I don’t have a way to contact either Jen’s so email me and let me know your address and then Jen’s I can get these out to you.  I am laughing inside right now because the designer of this planner is also named Jen.   It must be fate.

If for some chance, I don’t hear from the winners by tomorrow morning(Saturday), I will pick new winners.

Congrats and thanks for participating.

Now if you didn’t win; go buy yourself that awesome planner.  There isn’t a better Christmas present for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Now I have to buy one since you clued me in on the best calendar!

Jen said...

Yay! Emailing you now...

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