Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We had a beautiful weekend; full of Thanks.

I started off Thanksgiving morning thinking about how thankful I am for energy and the ability to get up and make a nice meal.


I used some of that energy to decorate the Thanksgiving tables the night before the big meal.


I set up a big long table for the kids, and used our dining room table for the adults.


I am also thankful for a dining room table.  This dining room table has always served as a reminder to me of God’s love.

While in the middle of medical school, we were extremely poor; but had outgrown our small newlywed table.  I often prayed for things we needed, and asked Heavenly Father if he could help me find a table that would work for our family that was reasonably priced.


That very night while looking on Craig’s list; I found this table.  It came with the bench and two chairs for $100.  I called the lady and snatched it right up. 

God knew that our small family of four would grow, and this table would become the center of our home.


I am thankful to have shared a meal at this table with the Woodruff family.


They have five beautiful children, who get along so well with our kids.

It is so nice to have friends to share holidays with.

I am thankful that we have been blessed with friends we call family. 

Over the last nine years there have been many friends we have shared meals with around this table.  Many friends we have called family.


I am thankful for this delicious dessert that Amber made.  I’ll have to take a couple extra Zumba classes this week because of it.  It was sooo good.

I am thankful for dad’s who engage with their kids.


It was so fun watching them play football with the kiddos.

Jonathan is a great dad.

I am thankful for healthy children who can run and play.


Finally, I am thankful for the Holidays.

I am thankful for a time to share traditions with my family.


I am thankful for kids who get excited about the little things we do around here.  I know those are the things that will keep our family strong.


I am grateful I get to share my testimony with my kids about the true meaning of Christmas.

I am thankful for a Savior, and the sacrifices he has made in my behalf.


I hope your Thanksgiving was full of “Thanksgiving.”

Stay tuned for our house decorated for the Holidays.


Andrea said...

your tree is one of my faves! i always love seeing it, loves those family pics framed on it. So magical!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I caught this post. Love, love, love! :) PS. You ARE staying in York, right?

Eileen said...

That is a very delicious post!

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