Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teaching moments.

To note: this post is scattered with pictures of the little things that have been happening around here.

Remember how I said this last year has been hard?

Well, I realized that during all of that, my brain was in some kind of fog.  This week has given me so much clarity.  My brain finally feels uncluttered.

Because of that, the spirit has found many opportunities to teach me.  I am sure Heavenly Father has been trying to teach me all along.  I was just having a hard time processing it all.

It’s like my brain can finally listen to all that Heavenly Father has in store for me, or what he needs me to learn.

Just like he teaches us, we too have perfect moments in life to teach our kids.


For example: the clerk at the store gives you too much change.  This is the perfect opportunity to ask your child what you should do in this situation; and then lead by example.

Teaching moments lurk around every corner, we just have to be ready to teach.

I am looking for every opportunity to teach my children.  They only have so much time at home, and then you have to hope that what they learned will help them succeed.


I stumbled upon this scripture:

Psalm 119

Isn’t that neat.  We just have to help our children understand what is expected of them.  When they understand, they will do.


I am trying to help my kids understand by using a meeker voice. 

Remember the quote that awakened me?

Divine Light 

I have found that uncontrolled words just don’t make much progress.

Eye contact and hushed tones seem to be making an impression around here.


There is a new calm in our house.

I just feel so bad that it took this mama so long to clue in.


(mother guilt, mother guilt)

I am grateful that kids are so understanding and forgiving.

I know that along with teaching our kids, that they also have so much to teach me.


I am grateful for 4 awesome kids who show me the way.

I am grateful they teach me laugh to everyday. single. day.

…and not just laugh, I mean like bust a gut laugh.


I am thankful for those teaching moments in my life.

I am thankful that my mind is clear enough again to recognize them.

How wonderful it is to be on the other side of a trial.

It was so hard while I was going through it, but I am thankful for every moment.

That’s how we learn.

…and when we learn something, then we have a responsibility to share it with others.


April said...

Love this post and your children are so beautiful. Seriously they all have the prettiest facial features. I love that verse in Psalms. Such a little short verse, but so much meaning and knowledge to glean from it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Leslie Posey said...

my little tess is just adorable!! love that little girl!! I feel like here lately we have just been going through the motions of our daily lives! Gotta get it together!

Becky said...

Love this!!! Glad you're having "clarity" and I love the way you arrived at it. Thanks for the tips on hushed voices and eye contact - tonight I have been agonizing at why our bedtime routine always ends in my losing my patience.
I also have recognized how long it sometimes takes me to learn the lessons Heavenly Father is teaching me. It makes me want to try to be such a lovingly patient parent! Thanks for your thoughts, Andrea!

Tara said...

Thanks for these recent posts, Andrea - I love your heartfelt honesty and determination to do better. Your family is so lucky to have such a wonderful momma!! I'm glad you're finding peace - I think I could use a couple more doses of hushed voices and eye contact myself. :)

Kim Wallar said...

I love this post! You are such a precious mom and your kids are so blessed. I'm so thankful there are moms out there raising a new generation the correct way. Keep it up!

KW said...

Great post

Rogerson's said...

Haven't stopped by for a bit, but so grateful for this post... this Mom needs a moment nearly everyday to check my voice and keep that calm in my home that I know I set... Thanks for the reminder!

Lorinda said...

fussy baby :) love the quote. Very profound. I love times that you feel you are doing right by your kids! I feel so much more calm and peaceful since the baby was born...even though life is crazy with a newborn, I've been patient (most of the time). I'm happy you are out of your fog. I know what that is like. Loves.

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