Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today, I have been preparing for my sisters to come and be with us for a week.

I am so excited.

They are coming to be here for Stella’s baptism.


I am looking forward to a beautiful, exciting weekend.


I know it will be so memorable and special for Stella.

I will share more about my sweet Stella and her decision the be baptized later.

I am so thankful for my sisters.


I know what a sacrifice it is for them to come. 

Kristin and Lindsay, thank you so much.


You are the best sisters a girl could ask for.

And a big thank you to Dave and Jared for letting them come.  I know you will miss your wives and kids.


I am also excited to see my niece and nephew.


London and Luke prepare for lots of kisses and squeezes.

It has been a great day thinking of seeing my fun sisters.

oh… and my other favorite part of the day:

dropping Isaac off at school and seeing 4 of his friends waiting for him just outside of the car line.  The woman opening the car doors said, “Isaac, your friends are waiting to walk with you.”  Isaac got out of the car today with his head held up high and so proud that he has friends.  Good friends can make a difference in your day.

so can good sisters.


Alaina and Mitchell Dooley said...

Love this! What a FUN location for pictures (that red door is stunning! York must be FULL of color, after seeing this and your new house!), what beautiful pictures of your extended family, and what FUN that you're all getting together this week!

Stella, congratulations on your baptism! You are looking so grown up and ladylike in your mom's pictures! I still have pictures of you guys and remember how tiny you were when I babysat you guys!

Amy said...

Have so much fun with your sisters! My older sister lives about 5 hours away & I can't see her enough! :) Miss her all the time especially with our little guys being so close in age! Enjoy your time together!

Lane Wolff said...

Hello! I love your blog! Your family is beautiful! I just love your photography. It is so Colorful and clear and I loved being able to see your house! I love crafts! Anyway I will definitely be back!

KB said...

I always wished I had sisters! Enjoy the special time with them.

Jamie said...

Stella is the prettiest little girl! How fun to have your darling sisters come stay for awhile! Sisters are the best!!

KW said...

Yay for sisters

Brunson's said...

I hope you are enjoying every moment with your sisters. They are the greatest thing. I love the bond my sisters and I have. Stella is so beautiful. She has grown so much. What an exciting time in her life. Take Care!

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