Monday, September 24, 2012

My Baptism Day.

I turned eight this year.  Eight is a very special birthday.


Eight is the year that I get to be baptized.


It is a very important decision.

By choosing to be baptized, I am following Jesus.

Jesus was baptized.

spiritual enlightenment here.

We are baptized at eight because that is the age of accountability, or the age that we begin to understand right from wrong.

I was baptized on Sunday, September 16, 2012.


I was baptized by my father.

I wore a very pretty white dress.  My dad also wore white.


By making the choice to be baptized, I am setting an example for my younger brother and sister.  Jex set the example for me.  He was baptized two years ago.

Stella's Baptism day-1665

My Aunt Kristin and cousin Luke came all the way from Las Vegas to be with me.

Stella's Baptism day-1668

My Aunt Lindsay and cousin London came all the way from Utah.

My Aunts played a very important part in my special day.

They both spoke at my baptism.

Stella's Baptism day-1659 copy

Kristin spoke about Baptism.  She told me about the 3 “bears” that we take on when we are baptized.

1.bear his name

2. bear one another’s burdens

3.bear your testimony

Her testimony helped strengthen mine.

Many other people from our ward family came to support me.


That was a testimony to me of the love that is shown by those who follow Jesus.

When I was baptized, I was baptized by immersion, which means fully submersed in water.  I went down and came right back up.  That represents my sins being washed away.


The water was very warm, but my mom was there to wrap me in a warm towel when I came out of the water.

Stella's baptism day-0031

I was given three white towels that day as a gift.  They were each made by friends or family.  I feel so loved.

Stella's Baptism day-1686

After I was baptized, I came out dressed in a new white dress.  My mom put my hair up in a braid because it was all wet.

Stella's baptism day-0030

A member of our ward who is an artist, drew this picture of me while we were listening to the speakers. It is a beautiful reminder of that day.

Stella's Baptism day-1663

Then my Aunt Lindsay spoke, she spoke about the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is the gift we receive after we are baptized.

She told me the Holy Ghost gives three signals just like a traffic light. what you are doing and repent

2.yellow-warns me of danger time to testify, teach or prompt

I am so thankful she came to help testify of this important gift.

After she spoke, I was given the gift of the Holy Ghost; also by my father.

It is given by the laying on on of hands.

My father asked every worthy priesthood holder in the room to stand with him. 

There were many wonderful fathers and friends who helped administer this ordinance.

I was touched.  The spirit was very strong.

Along with the spiritual gift of the Holy Ghost, I received many other gifts from family and friends.

Stella's Baptism day-1683

This necklace says; I am a Child of God.  Which I know to be true.

My parents gave me new scriptures, and I also got: a scripture case, a new pillowcase, and lots of jewelry.


This is the pillowcase from my Grandmother.

After my baptism was finished, we had a nice evening of refreshments.

Stella's Baptism day-1649

My mom made these cookie cakes to help celebrate.

Stella's Baptism day-1646

CTR means: Choose the Right.

It was a beautiful day.

Stella's Baptism day-1641

A day I will always remember.

Stella's Baptism day-1644

I am happy when I follow the Savior’s teachings.

You may enjoy seeing my entire baptism photo session found here.

For my family who is far away and couldn’t make it, my mom made this video to celebrate my life and my decision.  You may enjoy watching it.


Letti said...

What a sweet baptism. you made it so special for her. I love the artist's drawing that was beautiful. Congratulations!

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing her baptism with me! Video was beautiful, it looked like you made it a very special day! You are a great Mom!

Alison Woods said...

Your family is DARLING!! Beautiful baptism day and photos to document it!

Leslie Posey said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!! Love the post and Stella is beautiful as always. The video was amazing and touching! I'm so happy for Stella's decision and I am so sad that we couldn't be there for it! Miss you guys tons!

Carie said...

Such a beautiful day! My daughters are still young, but seeing how special you made Stella's day, give me inspiration and motivation to do the same for my girls! Congratulations Stella! Welcome to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

Marji Anderson said...

looks like a beautiful day. She looks lovely in her dress. Congrats Stella!!

KW said...

So happy I could be there to celebrate! Congrats again Stella!

Eileen said...

Sweet, tender, adorable and all good words that are girlie and spiritual. I love everything you touch!

Stacy said...

Loved this post so much, it is so interesting to learn about the Mormon faith through your blog. Stella looks so pretty and so does her mama, beautiful family Andrea!

Baileys said...

Congrats Stella! You looked beautiful! Maddy sure misses you!

Michelle said...

Beautiful, Andrea. I miss you all so much. Congratulations to Stella on making that important covenant with Heavenly Father!

KB said...

This is beautiful. What a special day for her to remember and cherish forever.
I agree with Stacy on learning about the Morman faith thru your words. I love learning the pure and honest truth about how others live their faith.
As a Catholic, we baptize when the child is still an infant (normally). I remember having special celebrations for my children when they were baptized. I can see how, however, how it can be such a special, spiritual moment when a child chooses to be baptized. What a proud mama you must be to see your children choosing their path with Christ!

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