Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eight is Great!!

This little cutie turned eight on Monday.

Stella's eighth birthday (20 of 43) 

I am going to try and stay on top of blogging about all the birthdays.  They just happen so quickly around here during the month of August.

We have some great birthday traditions around here.  The kids look forward to our ritual each year on their birthday.

First off, breakfast in bed.  Stella wanted to try German pancakes this year.

Stella's eighth birthday (8 of 43)

I love any excuse to use my cast iron skillet that I acquired while living in the South.  If you are Southern, you have to have a cast iron skillet. At least, they told me I did.

Stella's eighth birthday (9 of 43)

This is always the first candle of the day.

Stella's eighth birthday (8 of 47)

…they look forward to eating in their bed.  I always feel bad because they are alone in their room. There is something magical about eating food in your bed with a special tray.

Stella's eighth birthday (1 of 1)

This year, Jex decided to read to Stella while she ate.

One of the kids favorite parts about their birthday is waking up to all the decorations.

Stella's eighth birthday (1 of 5)

We believe in making a birthday pretty. I found these polka dotted napkins on clearance for .10 cents a pack for 16 napkins.  I bought a whole bunch and made most of the party décor out of those.

Stella's eighth birthday (47 of 47) 

We usually go out for ice cream at lunch time.  Stella wanted Subway instead. This girl loves Subway.

Stella also wanted to go to the mall.  Luckily, there was a Subway in the mall.

This is the kids pretending to be statues at our mall.

Stella's eighth birthday (25 of 43)

While we were there, I finished up our school shopping.  I was glad to cross that off the list. Stella was completely satisfied with this since she loves being at the mall, and she loves shopping.  Something that we don’t do often; shop at the mall.

After the mall, we finished making Stella’s cake.


She saw this one on pinterest; found on this site.

She wanted me to copy it.  I think my daughter has a lot of faith in me.

Here is my version:

Stella's eighth birthday (26 of 43)

She loved the cake, and just kept saying “awesome” the whole time I was putting it together.

Stella's eighth birthday (3 of 47)

Making a cake for the kids is one of the biggest traditions.

It is a complete headache, but they look forward to it.  They talk about it for weeks leading up to their birthday.  Regardless of how poor of a job I do, they still seem to love it. I am always rewarded with lots of hugs and thank-you’s.  I am no cake decorator; but it sure has been fun to try.

The kids get to pick whatever they want for dinner, and then I make it.

Stella picked, French dip sandwiches and cheese fondue this year.

We always set the table really special, and eat on our fancy dishes.

Stella's eighth birthday (6 of 47)

Stella helped me make the strawberry lemonade.  I always think that the birthday girl should relax while I make her special meal, but she is happier when she is helping me.  I like that too.

Dinner was delicious.

Stella, and the other kids waited all day to open her presents.

Stella's eighth birthday (3 of 4) 

They hung out in our window all day taunting her.

Finally, after dinner it was time.

She had a hard time opening gifts with just one hand, so she used her new third hand to help.

Stella's eighth birthday (32 of 43)

Her favorite gift was opening her new pair of Toms; which were a total surprise.

Stella's eighth birthday (4 of 5)

Her third pair of Toms, and I have yet to have one pair.  NO FAIR!!! I am beginning to sound like my children. I hear NO FAIR a lot.

I actually love Toms, and I am happy to spend our money on them.  They last, they are comfortable, and some of the money buys another pair of shoes for someone in need.

Maybe I will get a pair for my birthday.  (hint hint, wink wink) Oh wait, my birthday was Tuesday.  I got Luke Bryan concert tickets instead; even better.

After all the gift opening, it was time for cake.

Daddy lit the candles.

Stella's eighth birthday (46 of 47)

Stella made the wish, and tried hard to blow them out with one puff of air.

Stella's eighth birthday (7 of 43)

Then we all devoured the yummy cake.

She chose orange and strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.  YUMMY!!

Stella's eighth birthday (2 of 4)

After all that, we went to watch an outdoor movie with one of her new PA BFF’s; Courtney.

Stella's eighth birthday (42 of 43)

Courtney even came back to our place and stayed the night.

Now that sounds like one great birthday.

Stella's eighth birthday (25 of 47)

Happy Birthday Stella Grace!

We are so thankful to have you in our family.

Stella's eighth birthday pretty

We are thankful for the moments that you lighten. Your humor is a wonderful addition to our family.

Stella's eighth birthday (2 of 5)

You have a way of bringing peace in to our home. You do that with your funny personality.

Stella's eighth birthday (19 of 47)

(this is Stella TRYING to tell us she is eight; it’s hard with swollen little fingers)

We love you so.

…and Stella still has 2 more birthday celebrations; lucky girl.

When you turn 8 in our church, you have the opportunity to be baptized.  That is coming up quickly for Stella.  We are so happy for her choice to be baptized.

She is also having a small birthday party with a few girls from church next week.  I am so thankful that she has made so many great new friends.

Stella's eighth birthday (19 of 43)

Happy Birthday Girl!! You are loved.


Andrea said...

what a beautiful birthday!! that cake is amazing, you should give yourself a big high five for that one!!

Letti said...

I love all of your birthday traditions. You really know how to make your kids feel special. I need to do a better job in this area. Happy Birthday Stella.

katie@tulsadetails said...

You have the best birthdays for your kids! You definitely are a great mom! She's just beautiful, too!!

Eileen said...

I wish you could be in charge of my birthday!

Sommer Leonard said...

I really need your address. I thought about sending birthday cards but I dont have ur address. Please let me know. We miss yall so much here in the south.

KW said...

Happy Birthday Stella Bean! Looks like you had an awesome day. I would choose Subway over ice cream too.
*The cake looks awesome, great job. The inside looks so fun too.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Stellay Bean! I love your cake your Mom is the best!

Leslie Posey said...

Happy Bday Stella! We sure do miss you guys! I think I might try to start doing bday cakes since I have never baked a cake! surely I could do it, right? I might steal some of your traditions since you have such good ones! Thats what friend are for! LOL

Amy said...

I absolutely adore your birthday traditions! I'm looking forward to starting some with Cash! That cake is awesome! Love Stella's Toms!

Becky said...

Stella is EIGHT?! WOW!! I can't believe she's not that sweet tiny girl who used to bring me doughnuts anymore. :) She's growing up into a fine young lady! Wish her happy birthday from me!

Love that picture of the kids being statues - so cute! And the cake looks great, by the way! What fun traditions you have.

Simply Domestic said...

The cake turned out beautiful! I love Toms, too. The pair you bought her are too cute!

Emily said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your Blog, your Home, Your Kids are BEAUTIFUL!
I will love following your blog!

Stella said...

Happy belated birhtdya Stella; and your mum did an AWESOME job on the cake :)

Sara said...

I can't believe that she is 8! I remember that cute little 3 year old (or was she 4) coming over and painting her nails with me and Richard! Love this cutie!

Marji Anderson said...

happy birthday to Stella! looks like a fun day!

Baileys said...

Happy Birthday Stella! I am loving those Toms! Very cute!

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