Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Double Digits.

My oldest is TEN.  TEN.

He told everyone he talked to on Monday, “yep. double digits.”

Jex's tenth birthday (25 of 50)

I loved hearing him talk so grown-up to our family.

I hate thinking about the #10.

He is growing up to be a fine young man.

We started the day with breakfast in bed.

Jex's tenth birthday (9 of 50)

He chose Skinny pancakes; as usual.

Jex's tenth birthday (8 of 50)

He told me that they were my best batch.

After ten years of making them for you; I hope I am good at them.

Jex's tenth birthday (12 of 50)

The kids decided to hang out with him on his bed. 

I let him open a few gifts in the morning.  Which I never do.  I always make him wait until Jonathan gets home.

Jex's tenth birthday (2 of 50)

However, there is always a method to my madness.

There was an outfit inside.  I knew he would look nice in them for some birthday pictures.

He does look handsome huh?

Jex's tenth birthday (1 of 50)

There was also a certificate to redeem at a book store that I wanted him to have.

That boy loves books.  He has read the entire Percy Jackson series and two of the next series since we have been in this home.  What is that? 7 books in 5 weeks? WOW!!

After taking a few photos, and capturing the excitement of everyone:

Jex's tenth birthday (3 of 50)

YEAH!!! Jex is TEN!!

We went to eat at Applebees.

Jex talked to a few family members while we were there.

Jex's tenth birthday (30 of 50)

It is always nice to receive birthday wishes.  Thank you everyone.

Jex's tenth birthday (31 of 50)

He also got a free dessert….and yes it was big enough to share.

After lunch, it was off to do some shopping.

He wanted to go to the bookstore, the mall, and Target.

He picked up 3 books, an Orioles T-shirt(from a GC that a friend gave him), and a new Lego set.

He came home and put his Lego set together.  (I should have gotten  a picture of that.)

Once Jonathan got home, it was time for his special dinner.

Jex's tenth birthday (5 of 50)

We set up for it, while his presents waited in the window.

He picked homemade corndogs.  He wanted ones just like you can get in UT.  I tried my best, and they actually turned out pretty good.

After dinner, he opened a few more gifts.

Jex's tenth birthday (4 of 50)

The kids always get a few practical things with the need for new school clothes.

After the practical gifts, we sent him on a wild goose chase to find his last gift.

Jex's tenth birthday (1 of 2)

It wasn’t under our bed, or in the window seat. While he was hunting, Jonathan snuck his gift in.

It was a new bike and…

Jex's tenth birthday (7 of 50)

he took it for a spin.

It was cake time.  He picked an ice cream cake. Which never looks very pretty; unless you are Baskin Robbins.

Jex's tenth birthday (41 of 50)

It did taste delicious.

Jex's tenth birthday (48 of 50)

I think the ritual of blowing out the candles and singing to our loved ones is my favorite part.

Jex's tenth birthday (6 of 50)

It was an awesome birthday.

Jex's tenth birthday (50 of 50)

We love you Jex.

We are so proud of the boy you are becoming.

Jex's tenth birthday (23 of 50) 

Thanks for being such a good example to others and your brother and sisters.

You are awesome.

Jex's tenth birthday (2 of 2)

I can’t wait to see what is in your future.


You will never believe it but I updated my Photography site.  Check out one of my favorite sessions of the year here.

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KW said...

Happy birthday Jex! I cannot believe you are ten! That really is crazy. So proud of the boy you are, you really are the best kid!

Emily said...

I love your pictures! You are a great photographer! Do you have a button for your blog? I couldn't find one...just wondering if I am missing it!? Happy Birthday to your son!

Beth Curtis said...

I always love hearing about your August birthday parties! I only have one and I can't believe you manage them all! such cute kiddos!

Becky said...

Ten! TEN!! Wow! Surreal!! Happy birthday, Jex. Looks like he enjoyed it.

Amy said...

Look at all those candles! Another great birthday! :)

Pam said...

Wow he looks so grown up! Thanks for sharing his birthday by pictures!

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