Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When we left our home is Arkansas, I felt like I would never ever love a house like I loved that one.  It was our first home, and the first home that we owned.  When we moved, I remember telling the kids that our new home would feel just as good because it would be ours(it’s not really ours because we are leasing, but we take care of it like it is.)  I also reminded them that we would be together and all the same stuff in this house would be in our new house.

Mind you… I told them that, but I don’t know if I believed it.

I was so worried about living in an older home.

There are definitely many differences between these two houses, but I have to say I actually love this house.

This home was built in 1940.  Our old home was built in 2008.

Everything in this house is old, or has been updated.

Our old house had brand new everything.

Now the question is…. would I choose old or new next time?

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually love this old house.

I love living in an old established neighborhood.

I love the wood floors, and the character.

I also love that someone has figured out everything this house needs and already added it.  ie: hooks on the backs of doors, and inside cabinets.  A work bench for tools, and shelves.

I also love having an established yard; which you don’t get with a new home.

It is nice reaping the benefits of someone else’s hard work.

I know the new owners of our home in Arkansas are reaping some of those benefits also.

With that said… I like being in an old home that has been updated.

An old home that needs work? Don’t know if I am up for that challenge.

Yes… there are a few changes that I would make, and several upgrades; but the charm in this house is awesome.

So in honor of discovering how much I love old charm… I am sharing my favorites and my not so favorites.  What I have discovered so far.

First off, we don’t have a garage.  All of the homes on this street have an alley out back that they drive down. Not particularly a favorite part of old charm.  I have this small spot to park in.  Jonathan parks on the street.

New house in PA favorites (4 of 25)

But, I have this cute side entry to come in which is close and convenient.

New house in PA favorites (6 of 25)

Yes my pot needs a plant.  Please ignore.

New house in PA favorites (5 of 25)

The walkway leading up to the door… all brick.  Such charm, such charm.

We also don’t have central air.  It is an old home.  We have 3 window units, and lots of fans. (which isn’t really charming)  

New house in PA favorites (19 of 25)

We also have radiant heat.

Strasburg (9 of 9)

…but we have cute radiator covers for them …and yes once again, I think they are… yep. charming.

Strasburg (8 of 9)

I don’t love this room that is painted four colors.

 New house in PA favorites (14 of 25)

One not so great perk of someone else’s handiwork.

  New house in PA favorites (15 of 25)

I do think the playroom turned out nice regardless.  I will do a post on that room soon.

New house in PA (32 of 35)

The art in that room happens to be one of my new favorites.  I made these; while I was in Utah.

New house in PA favorites (16 of 25)

  Each canvas has a state that we have lived in on it.  Utah has a heart in it of course.

New house in PA favorites (12 of 25)

This monkey mural in the boys room.. NOT A FAN.  Hoping to get permission to take it down.

New house in PA favorites (13 of 25) 

I do love all the old door handles.

New house in PA favorites (7 of 25) 

Each one is different and unique. 

Strasburg (1 of 1)

I have skeleton keys for all of them too.  Can you say, Charming?

I do not love our internet connection.  It stinks.  I also have to put our modem in this really odd place.  I hate seeing cords.  I am trying to figure out a solution for this.  Any ideas?

New house in PA favorites (9 of 25)

See… it is hidden on this table in our living room, or not really hidden with all those cords.

I do not love that this room or our bedroom does not have a light. I guess they did that in old homes.  Can you say lamps?

New house in PA favorites (11 of 25)

I love love love…. all the built-ins.

New house in PA (18 of 35)

Oh..and arched entryways.

New house in PA (21 of 35)

My favorite is the rock on our fireplace.

New house in PA favorites (25 of 25)

It is also the same rock as the outside of the house.

New house in PA (1 of 35)

Oh and see that charming street lamp.  Each house on our street has one.  They all turn on by themselves at the same time each evening.

I love having stairs.  It is so nice to have an upstairs space and a downstairs space.

New house in PA favorites (24 of 25)

I don’t love my laundry space which is down downstairs.  I am working with it.  (No picture… I forgot that one.) just picture a dungeon.

I am getting my exercise going up and down the stairs.

I do love our attic.  It is huge, and messy.  I didn’t unpack a lot of boxes because we will only be here a year.

Strasburg (2 of 9) 

and I saved our boxes for our move… see how big this attic is?

Strasburg (3 of 9)

We also have a walk-in cedar closet up in the attic. Which I love.

Strasburg (5 of 9) 

I can store all our off season clothes up here because….

Strasburg (4 of 9)

we have small closets. One more not so favorite thing about an older home.

Strasburg (1 of 9)

Remember our closets in our old house?

Girls room new-0058

That has been a small change for me.  However, this house has lots more closets.

New house in PA favorites (21 of 25)

My favorite and yes I do love it; is the old wallpaper in the girls closet.  The baseboards in here are even pink.  See… character.

My most favorite is how the owner added these candle holders to the stairs.  Love this idea.

New house in PA favorites (8 of 25)

I also love having a hydrangea bush.

New house in PA favorites (3 of 25)

I can cut and add fresh flowers to my rooms.

New house in PA favorites (1 of 25)

and my new favorite additions that I have added to this charming house…

New house in PA favorites (20 of 25)

my new comforter. Ruffles.  Yes.

New house in PA favorites (10 of 25)

This adorable owl from my sis for my birthday.

New house in PA favorites (22 of 25)

and making Stella’s lamps my own for a new addition to my room.

Phew… that got lengthy.

Hope you enjoyed checking out my fav’s and my not so fav’s.

What would you choose; old or new?

Post-edited: In writing this post I realized how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.  Making changes, and uprooting your life is never easy. It has been a hard few months. However, I am blessed.  I have a roof over my head, a family to share it with, and a husband who loves and provides for us.  What more can I ask for?


Kathy@mishmashmom said...

Built-ins, an attic, and hydrangeas! You are so lucky! Ikea has several types of cord covers, or maybe you could check pinterest for ideas. Also, as crazy as it is, the monkey makes me smile.

Jamie said...

What a cute new home! You are so talented Andrea, you constantly amaze and inspire me! And...hello...when did your hair get so amazingly long?!! You look great!

Amy said...

Love how the stone on the fireplace matches that of the outside of the home! I adore the street lamp! Charming! :)

Brandi said...

It looks beautiful and soooo charming!! And window units, LOVE....makes a home so cold! Thanks for sharing all your pics.

Stella said...

So many gorgeous pictures. I love the stairs and alle the built ins. The living room is my favorite space and I love love love the idea you made with the canvas boards. You should start an interior design shop; you're so talented...

ChicChat said...

I think it is a very charming home. Just wondering what you use to hang all your pictures...

Andrea said...

so pretty your new home is wonderful.

where's you ruffle bed spread from? it's gorgeous, i'm looking for something similar for my daughter's room.


Pam said...

I love your house! I have always loved older homes! They have such a charm and coziness!

valerie said...

the house is so charming and you have made it your home....and the fact you only are there a year makes almost anything tolerable, right? I am proud of you and your wonderful attitude. A perfect reminder to all of us to find the good and beauty in all things. ...everyday!

Lindsey said...

Love it girl!

julie said...

How can anything not be an improvement when you're around! I'm amazed at the transformation you have made,and with so many colours. You have an extraordinary creative talent. I love your blog, big time, and your house is beautiful. Good luck and very best wishes to you and your family, God bless.

julie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tara said...

What a darling new home! The pictures are beautiful - I'm so glad you're all settled and enjoying PA!!

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