Thursday, March 1, 2012

A little something for March…

I know today is Thursday.  I know it is time for what I have learned. 

Today, I am sharing something that I am learning.

I am currently learning more about design, and how to create elements in PS CS5.  I am working on learning more about Illustrator as well. 

I think it is so important to make our brains work. 

I was a PR major in college, and I loved learning about graphic design then.  I decided that I wanted to learn and understand it even more.  I am going to be taking some classes, and just having a little bit of fun.

What do you enjoy learning about?

As part of my learning, you are reaping the rewards. 

Here are some printables that I came up with for March.

I have been practicing a little.  The download link will be at the bottom of this post.

Here is a Calendar for March:

March calendar 2012

Here is a weekly to-do list for March.  You will need five of these for the month.

March to-do list

I am loving this list.  It only allows me to add four things to the day.  That way my list does not get out of control like it has a tendency to do.  I also love having my menu for the week already planned out.

Here is another list of reminders for the grocery store, and another place to jot down things you do not want to forget.

Grocery List and Don't forgets

I like to keep my calendars and lists available at all times, because I am always adding to them. 


I thought it would be fun to use something that I design every month.


I also made some labels to use for gift bags, gifts, or letters.  I made these to fit Avery labels 8860.  You can print them right out on the label sheets and peel and stick.  There are two styles of these.

One for gifts:

March Labels to from

A blank one for addresses:

Plain labels for March

I am so excited to use these.  I think they are soooo cute.

I have never been much of a St. Patrick’s Day decorator, but here is my tribute to the holiday.


You can have one of your own too.


I’m the lucky one printables.

5x7 March prints

These can be printed in 5x7 or I have an 8x10 print too.

I am so proud of myself because I designed everything on these prints including the owl. YEAH!!

Pennant for march

This printable will make this itty bitty green pennant.  The instructions are included on the printable.


Isn’t it the most adorable dainty little thing?


This is the printable for the banner you see below the pennant banner.

Lucky Me pin

I thought these would be fun to do one of two things. 

I used it to make the banner. I used crepe paper and muffin liners to embellish it.

I also took those same crepe paper embellished circles and added some felt and a pin to the back.  I plan to let the kids wear them to school on St. Patty’s Day.  That way they will not get pinched.

I hope enjoy these fun March printables.  I have enjoyed learning more about how to create this kind of stuff.

In the meantime,  I hope this has inspired you to keep learning more about what you love.

Click here for the downloads.


valerie said...

wow andrea! good for you! Love your printables and the fact that you re doing something for you that you are passionate about! Way to go! hugs

Marji Anderson said...

i love everything! very impressed with your design skills. I love learning fun things like that for the computer :)

KW said...

Super cute! I am excited that you are learning how to design stuff, I will send over my list of designs I want made!

Krysta said...

Super cute! Great job.

Krysta said...

Super cute! Great job.

Nancy said...

How fun! They look great! Where are you taking classes at? Are they online classes or something local?

Brunson's said...

These are fun! I am glad you are giving St. Patrick's Day a try for decorating. It is the best holiday since I was born on this day! :)) Hope all is well with you guys! Tell your family we said hi.

Stella said...

Your ideas are brilliant and your designs took my breath away. I'm impressed by your talent and had so much fun reading this post. Thank you so much for sharing all these beauties with us!

Beth Curtis said...

so fun! You will have to share all the new things you are and will learn! Great job!

Letti said...

I love that you are sharing your talents. These are beautiful.

Melita said...

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous designs. The March To Do lists were just what I needed, it's printed and ready for action. :-)

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