Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House Tour {Kitchen}

Well, I think it is about time to get this show on the road.  It is time to resume this house tour.

Here’s a little peak at our kitchen.

This is the room where I spend most of my time; my kids think it is a 24 hour café.


Hence the reason I made this café sign.  I made it from fabric, burlap, pom- pom trim, and chipboard letters. I attached it to the old lattice that hangs over our bar.


Speaking of our bar, this is where my kids spend so much of their time.  Most of the time there is a homemade treat in the glass cake stand.  Well, on a good day that is.  The kids eat lots of snacks up here. 


The bar stools, were ones that I found at a thrift store.  I loved the old look of them.  Little did I know that they are a collectable.  I was surprised what they are worth when I looked them up on Ebay.  I liked them even more then when I bought them for $5 a piece.  I had planned on painting them and recovering the seats, but I like them just the way they are for now.


My favorite appliance in my kitchen is my red Blendtec.  It is the most amazing appliance ever.


I decided to go with the fun vintage look in my kitchen.  I found this amazing blue depression glass at a flea market. 


The matching veggie tray and cake plate have to be among my favorite pieces that I own.


Here are a few more vintage pieces I have picked up.  I love this canister set.


This picture brings me joy when I am cooking.  This was such a great day picking blackberries with the kids and the Moes family.


I made this art piece with a discount frame, burlap, some old spoons, and some spray paint.


This is that wall that separates our office from our kitchen. I think it ties the two together well.


These cherry plates bring the fun to the room.  I also found these at a flea market.


On top of our fridge, is a lamp.  It stays on all the time.  I enjoy having a light on at night just in case the kids need to get up for something.  I know they won’t be stumbling around as they make their way to our room.  I also keep my cookbooks here, and part of my milk glass collection.


The most important part of our kitchen is command central.


This is where I keep it all together. 


I file important documents here.  Files for the kids, receipts, stamps, bills, and anything pressing that I need to work on.  I also have a little on going projects and goals list here.


Up on my cabinets I keep a calendar and weekly to-do list to keep us all on the same page. ( I will be sharing these printables soon.)I will be sharing the files for March; so stay tuned.


This drawer is where I store 4x6 note cards.  I write down little things about the kids that I don’t want to forget on them.  I also keep homemade cards here for gifts.


This little basket, is where I keep all the junk we need or things that may need to be fixed.  It is our little junk basket.  We also tuck our keys and sunglasses here too. 


…and this is where my camera goes.  I like to have it ready to go at all times. 

As you can see, our kitchen is where we live.  It is the heart of our home. 

I hope you enjoyed your little peak into our heart.


Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

So pretty! I love it all. :) I think my favorite part is the frame with the spoons in it! And the command central part. Thanks for sharing!

MySweetCreations said...

It looks fantastic. My kitchen is accented with the aqua color. Thanks for sharing!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley said...

Blogger wouldn't let me comment on your Valentine's post, bummer! ("Service Unavailable"...glad it sounds like a "personal" problem, not an "all of the Internet" problem!) make me excited to be somewhere where we can PAINT and choose how to decorate things! I'm so done with sterile white!!

I was going to say (on your v-day post) that some of Isaac's faces remind me so much of my Nathan's expressions. Those big blue eyes are just a heartthrob! Maybe Nathan will look like your Isaac as a four year old :o)

PS--It just hit me, our paths may never cross again in person! I used to know you guys (mostly your kiddos) so well! What the heck! Thank goodness for the internet I guess, but it's still not the same!

Jennifer said...

I found your blog thru pinterest! I love that color of blue! I just painted a cabinet a similar color. I have to put my burlap to use!

KW said...

I like the cafe sign, super cute.

Shannon Baker said...

Too cute. I love all the personal touches.

k.dority said...

Love your blog! Your kitchen tour was inspiring and it is cool to see another gal who seems to love milkglass as much as I do. :)

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