Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First day of Preschool {Isaac}

We were so lucky to have found this awesome preschool for our kids.  I noticed it on our first visit to Arkansas.  I loved that it was so close to our house.  Upon moving here, I immediately went to check it out.  I am so glad I did because they had one spot left in Stella’s age group.  Stella did her first year of preschool there.  During that year, we made some great friends, and fell in love with the faculty and their teaching style.  When we decided not to send Stella to Kindergarten because she was barely five;(she made the deadline by 9 days) we decided Geyer Springs would be great for her for  another year. She went to preschool 2 years in a row. It proved to be just what she needed.  I believe it really helped to prepare her for her first year in Elementary school.

Then the state changed the deadline.  Kids have to be five by August 1st to begin Kindergarten.  That works great for us because we have followed that guideline with our first two children even though it wasn’t state law.  This means that Isaac will not be attending Kindergarten next year.  Even though he will be five, he will begin when he is six just like Stella and Jex have.  We would have waited regardless of the state law, but it is so nice to not have to explain our decision.  We have found that this decision has affected our children in such a positive way and I wouldn’t change our decision ever.

We decided to start Isaac in the same preschool this year.  I think it will be a good fit for him.  He has been so excited to go to the school that Stella attended.  Isaac will have Ms. Hannah this year.  We have never had Ms. Hannah before, and already love her.  He is attending two days a week for three hours at a time.  It is just enough time for him to have a school experience, and not to long that I miss him like crazy.

Our first day of school was a huge success.  He did very well.

first day collage

He is lucky to have his friend Grayson in his class.

What we love about Isaac’s Preschool.

1.  Center based learning(which means he learns through playing)

2.  The school is in a Baptist church.  Even though we are not Baptist, it is nice to know that he is among Christian teachings.(I love that they pray over their food.)

3.  Every year, we meet such wonderful people at the school.  Parents with the same goals and values for their children in mind. (we always make friends that end up spending time with outside of school) I love belonging to a school where every child that attends has parents who are so tuned in.  I guess that is what happens when you pay a hefty price for an education; you value it more. 

We are so excited for Isaac to have this experience.  I am so glad that he looks forward to going to school.

Even though I miss him when he is away, I am enjoying some nice quiet time with Tess.


KW said...

How fun for Isaac!! Glad he is excited to go to school.

Darlene said...

Adorable pics! I'm so glad Isaac is loving school...Kaitlyn is too :). You said it perfectly! It's so refreshing that the parents all help out there and band together. Not at all like public elementary school unfortunately. It's too bad our kids are going on different days this year!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Yay Isaac! Love his spiky hair!

Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

I just love every single picture you take. I sure wish I could figure out my camera :)
Your blog is so great and I love stopping by. You and your family are simply adorable.

Krysta said...

It sounds like all of the kids are going to have a great school year. They look so cute and grown up!! I love when the younger child gets the older child's teacher from previous years, don't you? Enjoy your time with Tess!

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