Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little love of mine.

Tess collage

This little love of mine and I had a little photo shoot the other day.

I just couldn’t resist these piggies.

piggies cr

…and lets not forget these piggies.

Tess 1 cr

I love her so much.  She is so much fun at this age.

Tess 7-2 cr

She is learning to communicate, and makes me laugh every day.

Like when I ask her if she is ready for a nap, and she tells me “no.”

Tess funny face    Tess 2

She has been sick the last few days, so I have got in lots of snuggling.

Can I just say that I don’t think she should grow any more.

Tess mirror 6-1 cr

I have also been working on Valentines for my 4 little loves.  Do you want a sneak peak?

Here is Tessa’s:

Tess Valentine 2011 copy

Could she be any Sweeter?

I plan to make Love Potion for the kids classmates this year.

I saw that this little blog already beat me to the punch with their post, but I had a similar idea.

This is my printable.  I plan to wrap these little beauties around a water bottle.

Water Bottle Printable

I plan to cut them apart.  This makes six to a page. Once cut then you take off the original packaging, and replace it with this.  an 8 1/2 inch long strip fits perfectly around the bottle.  I have used hot glue in the past to seal the ends around the bottle.

Then I plan to buy the little packets that you dump in water bottles for flavor (red), of course.  Then I will add this little tag to it and tie it to the bottle.

Love Potion

If the children in my kids class love dumping packets in to water bottles as much as my kids do then I know this will be a hit.

We will also attach the homemade Valentine for each child that I will have printed at a photo store.

What do you think?

I will show you how it turns out once I get it all assembled.

I planned to have it done already, but I have been cooped up inside with sick kids. I can’t wait to get out!!

Now the big question.  What are you giving your children for Valentines?



Simply Domestic said...

You're little girl is precious! I love the extra snuggles they give when they are sick! :)
What a cute Valentine idea!

Alison said...

She is one stylish little girl! I love the Valentine ideas and I love your style. I'd do that bottle one if I hadn't already printed our valentines. So cute!

katie@tulsadetails said...

She is adorable!!! Love the pig tails. Your pictures are beautiful. And I love the printables. So cute!

Roxanne said...

Your little Tess is a cutie patootie!! I agree she shouldnt grow anymore. I am actually going to make my kids a special treat this year, can you believe I going to!! Happy Love day!!

KW said...

LOVE her!! She doesn't look like a baby anymore. You officially have a toddler. Love the piggy tails.

Ashlee said...

I love the "love potion" idea! Your kids are getting big and sooo cute! I also love love your Owl theme you have going!

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Krysta said...

So cute! I can't wait to see the rest of your Valentines. I also can't wait to get some loves from little Tess.

Dave and Lindsay said...

So cute! I love all of the pictures and can't believe how big everyone is getting! I am excited Lou and I get to see all of you next week! I made Lou a puzzle for Valentines day-it turned out very cute!

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