Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little love.

Stella kept asking me when I was going to put out our Valentine decorations.  I promised her that I would get to it.  However, I have been feeling a little under the weather.  I came down with Strep throat this week and I was miserable.  Then to top it off, I had some major dental work done.

Some how I had to find a way to put up the Valentines.  Oh wait.  I really don’t have much by way of V-day decorations.  I have never really been one to love what is available.  I decided to make my own.

This is what my dining table looked like after the holidays.


winter centerpiece    snowflake jar 2

I love how simple and white my table has been.  And then….

I added some splashes of red.

XO bocca

This is what it looks like now that I added a little love.

Valentine table cr

I used some wrapping paper to make my banner and the hearts.  I picked up the paper on clearance after the holidays.  I was excited when I realized how great it would look for Valentines.

I also broke out my computer and made a few printables. 

A few love notes to my family.

love notes

Some truth to live by.

love is spoken here   glitter

…and then the words to “Our Song.”  I picked up this red frame at Hobby Lobby.  I fell in love with it and new that it would look adorable for Valentines.


Entry Way

After I started to feel a bit better, I had a little party here at the house.  I invited some girls up for dinner, and was so grateful when I woke up that morning feeling more like myself.

Dinner was delicious, but dessert was even better.

framed cupcakes

Salted Carmel Cupcakes the recipe can be found here.

Don’t they look delicious?

cupcake 1    cupcake 2

Well they were.

Now that I am feeling better I hope to find a little more time to record great moments on my blog, and I just might get 365 caught up.

I am grateful health has found it’s way back to me, and I am enjoying having reminders of love sprinkled throughout our home.


KW said...

Super cute! I just got mine out this last week too. I might need to make a banner though. Mom and I are going to make a wreath this week, I am so excited for it.

Krysta said...

So whimsical and so you. I love it!!

Darlene said...

Dinner was fantastic and those cupcakes were divine!! TY so much for the recipe :). I came on here hoping you'd post it!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

I think it so sweet that your little one asked you about the Valentines decorations. That just goes to show you that they appreciate all the extra “love” you put into the holidays!

Glad you feeling better! I bet it’s hard feeling under the weather with little ones under foot. My face is burring up today and my eyes are on fire. I’m just hoping that I’m not on the brink of catching time for being sick!

Love all the touches you added to your home! Everything looks lovely!

Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

Michelle said...

Beautiful, as always. You're pretty much amazing. :)
I need some help figuring out how to do my powder room with very similar colors. I'm thinking B&W with red here and there--but so not good at the actual execution of ideas. :)

Marji & Jim said...

the dinner was so good, i'm craving that dressing! I love your new header!

valerie said...

love thew tableand the are so great at that...and where did you get the owl love you print? Did you make this? I want one! love owls and would love to know. thanks and glad you are feeling better

Lindsey said...

I beg you to put your autograph on these precious printables and let us display them too! Don't you have an etsy shop or something?!! I think you hold a bit of genius in there!

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