Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What was on the menu?

Thanksgiving was such a wonderful day this year.

Dinner was delicious.

What was on the menu you ask?

Turkey cr


Sweet Potato Souffle’

Dinner 3 CR

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Dinner CR

Homemade Rolls

Rolls cr

Pistachio Pudding

pudding cr


Dinner 2 CR


Pumpkin Pie and Whipping Cream

Pecan Pie Bars and Icecream


Whole Dinner

The table decorations were so fun and eclectic. (pictures taken by Krysta Moes)


I used a menagerie of dishes.

Table 3 cr

Complete with a name card and napkin ring.


Krysta helped me set the tables, and snapped the majority of all the pictures. 

It was so nice to have someone here to help with that.

WHole table cr

Table 4 cr

The boys table turned out adorable.

Kids table CR

I think the boys enjoyed sitting by themselves.

Kids table 2 CR

We enjoyed such a nice relaxing meal.

As we shared what we were thankful for I was amazed as the majority of thankfuls were for Family and Friends.

Krysta and girls

Isaac however, was thankful for his Mac truck.

Boys at dinnner

I am thankful for a day to reflect on all the blessings we have been given.

I am also thankful for my time spent away from home that has forced me to learn how to cook a turkey and a complete Thanksgiving meal.  This was our 7th Thanksgiving away from home.  It is hard to be away from our family, but I am thankful that I can recreate the feelings I felt as a child in my own home.

tess and I

What a wonderful tradition we have to celebrate our blessings by preparing the best meal we can make.

Stella Dinner

Blessings are certainly worth celebrating.

Ady dinner

I also love that we only eat this food together once a year.  It makes the meal even more special.

Krys and Ady

It was fun to share it with the Moes family.

Tess dinner

After dinner, we loaded everyone up for a movie.  We saw Tangled; it was adorable.

After the movie, we cleaned up, had dessert and put the kids to bed.


The adults enjoyed some time doing what we love; playing cards.

The whole weekend was so much fun.

group color 2 CR

I am glad we have a reason to celebrate and good friends to celebrate with.

Stay tuned for Holiday Decorating posts and What I have learned.


KW said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Yummy food and friends what could go wrong. We missed you though.

Krysta said...

So yummy! I was just thinking the other day how proud I am of us. We really are grown ups and capable of so much. Sometimes it's hard to believe that we have come this far.

I really love that group shot. It was totally worth the effort!

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