Saturday, December 11, 2010

Preview for Dana

I got to photograph one of my favorite families this week.

Bloch 14 cr

Aren’t they so cute.

Bloch 10 cr

This little couple is still so in love.

Bloch 1 cr

That is what I love about them.  It is important to love the person you married; and show it.  They are a great example of that.

bloch 3 cr

They also have two beautiful boys.

ben cr

This little guy is one of Isaac’s good buddies.  Isn’t his hair such a great color.

Ethan cr

This one is so sweet, and loves dinosaurs more then life itself.  He can tell you just about any thing you want to know about dinosaurs. You should also know that one of these cows is one of his best friends.

running 2 cr copy

I have used this location for several photo shoots lately.  They happen to live here.

It was fun to photograph them in their element.

tractors cr

Thanks for the great morning, and for being yourself through the whole shoot.

hug cr

I love when the majority of the photos show the great personality of a family and how much they love each other.


Marji & Jim said...

those are great! so many fun things to take pictures with, lvoe it!

valerie said...

They live there? Love love love that setting! The last one is natural and the boys are so adorable! Way to go keep on taking photos you have a gift! Hugs

Lindsey Jensen said...

Those are amazing!! Great job!! You are such an inspiration with photography!! Love, love the editing!!

KW said...

They turned out great! Nuskin was giving away a Nikon D5000 camera at the Christmas party. I wanted to win it so bad. I know nothing about photography, but knew you could teach me.

Stella said...

I knew it already and these gorgeous pictures are showing that you are an amazing photographer. I'm smitten!

Tiffany said...

They are a beautiful family. You took awesome pictures too!!

Krysta said...

Awesome photos!! You did great at capturing who they really are. Love them!

Eileen said...

These photos are, well...................PERFECT!

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