Monday, November 22, 2010

A little holiday decorating, challenge end, and what I have learned.

For those of you who took my 5 week challenge it has come to an end.  WE DID IT!!!  I hope you all reached your goals.  I hope you found it an easy way to loose some weight and get in shape.  I lost the 5 pounds that I had wanted too.  These five weeks have been harder then most.  Jonathan has worked so much that I have not had much time to run.  I have been doing Pilates and some weight training.  I have learned how much easier it is when you have a good strong partner around.  I do feel more tone, and less flabby then I did five weeks ago which is exactly what I wanted.

I wish I had more 300 calorie recipes to share, but I really have not had much time to try new recipes.  Jonathan hasn’t been home much to share them with.  My kids have been eating chicken nuggets and I have been eating salads and sandwiches. 

I guess that is one part about eating right.  You have to be able to continue with it even when life hands you a curve ball. 

Do you remember when I was more on the ball and I used to post what I have learned.  Well I hope to still share that, but more on the fly.  Today my what I have learned has to do with my challenge. 

These last 5 weeks did not go at all as I had planned. I guess I thought they would be similar to the last 12 that I had just completed.  I soon remembered that my husband was starting a whole new rotation that would change my routine once again.  I hate that!! I hate when things are working so well, and I have to make it work differently.  That is the life of a residents wife.

Like I said, I had to find a new way to exercise.  I also didn’t have my regular eating plan like I did when his schedule was more predictable.

I found myself sabotaging myself.  What a horrible thing to do.  In my mind if things were not going to work out how I had planned then I should just have 12 cookies. 


What I have learned is to find the balance.  If I am frustrated, which I will be, it is important to remember to work with myself instead of against myself.  When I cheat or completely fall off the band wagon I only become more angry with myself.  I made a goal to stop sabotaging what I have set out to do.  I am the only one who can decide to be what I want to be.  That can work in every aspect of our life not just weight loss.

I have learned that eating right is a lifestyle change, not something I do to loose weight.  It is a choice I make to live healthy every day and lets face it to fit in to my clothes.  Oh, and to keep up with my kids and their crazy schedules.  I feel so much better when I eat right and exercise.

What did you learn through this whole process?

I am grateful to have figured this out.  It is nice to be at my goal, and determined to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

Oh, and still find room for a cookie now and then without the guilt.

I have been busy this week decorating for the holidays.  I wanted to get it all up before our friends came for Thanksgiving.

Do you decorate your kids rooms?

I do.  Here is a little preview of what they look like during the holidays.

Girls Room:


Ornaments in girls room CR

Stella's shelf CR   lIGHTS ON THE WALL

My girls don’t have room for a tree in their room so I have this nice tree and snowmen figure that lights up.  I love the stars that it projects on their walls at night.  I also made the wreaths for their closet door this year.  See them in the boys room too:

Boys Room:

wreaths cr     tree Cr

boys dresser cr

banner cr    banner closeup cr

Ornament closeup CR    closeup ornament cr

These are the ornaments that hang from their window.  They do have room for a tree.  This little tree is home to all the ornaments that they have collected over the years.  Ornaments from school, church, grandparents, and mom and dad.  They love hearing about each one as we put them on the tree.  They also love decorating it.  I have found each one of them just staring at it on numerous occasions.

The lights are mesmerizing.

kids tree cr

tree closeup cr

I love the holidays, and the magic that is already present in our home.  I plan to share more about our holidays throughout the next few weeks; if I can find the time to sit at my computer.

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Becky said...

Your house looks like it's got a great holiday start! Good luck with your photography endeavors - wish I lived close enough to take advantage of it!

Jill said...

So clever and creative!!! I love the believe banner. Great ideas!

The Moulton Family said...

Hi! Just found your blog through another friend's blog and started reading through your weight loss stuff. I just started a diet similar to the one you talked about in your challenge. This is the FIRST time I've ever dieted (and I'm 27). Not for the lack of needing to diet, but for the lack of needing to diet enough to motivate me! Anyway, my weight after this Christmas has finally convinced me. I did want to tell you about this book I read though that has really helped me. It is called The Beck Diet Solution by Doctor Judith S. Beck. It is not a specific diet plan but more like a book that helps you stick with a diet plan of your choice (and maintain afterwards). It helps you to think about food and hunger differently and helps you to deal with the "sabotaging" thoughts (like the ones you talked about)that you get while you are trying to lose weight. It also has a list of habits to incorporate into your life that thin people usually do naturally. (for example: eating slowly and mindfully-enjoying your food)Anyway, I really enjoyed it. You should check it out.
Good luck being a resident's wife. I'm headed there in a little over a year and a half. My husband is doing his rotations right now. It has not been too bad, but I've heard that the first year in residency is killer!! Actually, if you have time, I would love to hear what you have to say about residency and how it has been for your family. I'm a little nervous.

Take care,

Ashley Moulton

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