Monday, August 9, 2010

Reason to Celebrate…

Stella Closseup CR

I had a birthday on Friday.

I love birthdays.

Birthdays are full of traditions at our house.

We always get…

Breakfast in Bed

I had skinny pancakes, and a special egg from my dad. 

My dad makes the best eggs.

After breakfast, I got to put on my new dress.

My mom always makes me something neat to wear on my special day.

Stella Birthday 2 CR

We take to time to snap a few photos.

My mom says she wants to remember me on this day.

Stella Birthday 1CR

I love to have my picture taken.

Laugh 2 CR

I woke up to all these decorations in the house.  It made me feel so special.

I am six now you know.  I will start kindergarten in just a few weeks.

six CR

My mom says that I am not allowed to go, and that I can’t grow up.

I just laugh.

After my photo shoot, we went to Cold Stone for lunch.

It is tradition to have ice cream for lunch.

My daddy even got to meet us there.

Coldstone Collage

Elizabeth Grace my new bunny got to come along.

She is part of my present.

The day before my birthday, I went to:

Stella's Birthday

Build a bear.

I love my rabbit so much, that I sleep with her, and take her everywhere I go; including out for ice cream.

When we got home from lunch; my mom made my cake and got the table all ready.

We always have a very special birthday dinner.

My mom made my favorite; homemade mac and cheese.

Stella's Birthday collage CR

I helped her decorate my cake.

I wanted a pink butterfly this year.

After a very special dinner…

It was finally time for presents.

You will never guess what I got.

New Camera CR

Yep, my very own camera.


I was so surprised.

I think I take after my mom, because I love taking pictures.

Then it was time to…

Make a wish

I had the best day.

Birthdays are the best at my house.

It is so important to my parents that I know why we celebrate.

We celebrate because I am special, and a very important part of my family.

…and that is reason to celebrate.



Roxanne said...

Happy Birthday Stella you are growing up to be a beautiful girl!! Love the Baileys

Eileen said...

I love her. And I don't even know her. You are a good mom.

Jennifer Crow said...

Andrea! Stella is adorable! You are such a good mom, when we have kids I hope that I can make my kids feel as special as you do!

Beth Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Stella! She is adorable. My favorite pic of her is in the dark with her new bunny.

KW said...

Happy birthday Stella Bean. Hope you had a great day and made everyone call you princess.

Darlene said...

Happy birthday, Stella! How special that you both have birthdays just one day apart :). Kaitlyn just got that very same stuffed bunny last week too. It's adorable. Glad you all had a fun day.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Happy Birthday Stella!! I love all the photos you took of her that morning!! He dress is adorable!!

Heather said...

You're a cool Mom. :)

Krysta said...

I LOVE birthdays at your house! Happy Birthday Stella. You look adorable in your new dress and you always have the cutest smile for pictures. Have fun with your very own camera!!

Emily said...

What a cutie! Happy birthday Stella! (And you too!)

Pam said...

I can't wait to see all of you and celebrate everyones birthday!

Jerri-Lea said...

Happy Birthday! A special girl deserves a special day!! Looks like you had a fun one.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

She's just adorable! Happy Birthday and those are fabulous photos!


Armstrong said...

Ok, so I've decided that in about 10 years, I'm totally making Ian ask Stella out on a date! I think they'd make a cute couple;)

Lorinda said...

I've figured it out! Jane's eyes are the same color as Stella's....light blue/grey with a dark ring around the outside! Glad Stella had a good day!

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