Saturday, August 21, 2010

What I have learned… after a 3 week hiatus.

Sometimes, one must take a break.  A little time off helps refresh, and regain a little balance.

I didn’t purposely take a break… actually I have had anything but a break.

I have been organizing birthdays, planning a baptism, being a hostess to our family, preparing kids for school, and getting my house back together.

Along the way, I have been collecting little

what I have learned thoughts

to share with you.  I hope that what I have learned in the last 3 weeks just might inspire you to pay attention to whatever it may be that can teach you something.

What I have learned…

“Sometimes I think kids have a way of seeing what they want to see.”  Krysta Moes.

My very best friend has a way of making me feel better about all my mommy blunders.  This little thought came as I told her how I wish I would have felt a little less stressed before my son’s baptism.  That I hope he knows how proud of him I am.

Her little thought helped me reflect on that great thing kids do.  They see the good.  I could be better at that.

What I have learned…

Motherhood is a privilege.  If I remind myself of that, it helps me find joy in the little things.  I have been thinking about this for months.  Ever since I watched this little clip.

What I have learned…

Quote from the book, “Mitten Strings from God”, by Katrina Kennison.

“Consider:  We figure out a way to chauffeur the kids to their nine lessons a week, to organize a trip to Disney World, and to throw a birthday party for a dozen five year olds, complete with costumed mystery guest and party favors.  So way does a quiet story told by candlelight seem impossible to manage? 

In truth, the story-told from the heart and shared in flickering darkness-is more nourishing for our child’s soul, and for our own as well, than another soccer practice, and audience with Mickey, or a pile of birthday gifts.”

Thanks for the book Krysta.

This quote struck me as I have been planning all the birthdays this last month.  Jonathan and I have tried to put less focus on the gifts, friends and outrageous party themes.  We have focused on tradition and the actual person that we are celebrating.  It has made all the difference in the world.

It made me stop and think about what else I could let go of, and what more I could do nourish my children’s soul.

Speaking of birthdays… watch for more to come on all the birthdays going on around here.

What I have learned…

I like being 32.  It has been good to me.  I like life’s little lessons. I enjoy analyzing and thinking of ways to become a better me.(I have also learned that I do a little too much over-analyzing.)

Growing old really isn’t all that bad.

What I have learned…

Spending time with your spouse, working toward something makes for and oh so sweet marriage. (sigh)

I am still so in love.  I think I love him more today then I did yesterday.. maybe even more then this morning.

My love has grown so much as we have been working out together, and eating right.  We have one goal, one purpose.  It is nice to share something with him.  I love that we have shut the TV off, and we are doing something together.  Actually, we are really doing it for ourselves, but we are working on that with each other. 

I love having someone to share life with.

I encourage you to find time to work towards something with the person you love.  You will be amazed at how your love will grow.

On that note…

This wonderful man surprised me with the most wonderful birthday.  I just have to share, and then I promise I will end this post. (blah, blah, blah) I think I have just about got all the little ramblings out of my brain.

My special day…

I woke up with my sweet Tess,nursed her, and marveled at how amazing she is. My sweet husband hollered from the other room, “get your running shoes on, and go out before the house gets to crazy.”  I took him up on it.

There is something so magical about running along; Feet hitting the pavement, thinking to yourself, “thirty-two.”  “Thirty-two years old, and my body still allows me to get out and run.  Each step takes me a little closer to the end.  My mind keeps my feet moving, my body actually does what my mind tells it too.   God created such a miraculous body.”

After my deep-in-thought 3 mile stint around the neighborhood, I came home to a tidy house, and a protein shake.  Jonathan added a little surprise… cookie dough.  YUM!!-what?  The Birthday girl can splurge a little.

I jumped in the shower, and was surprised when I got out to hear the new Mindy CD playing.  YEAH!! My husband loves me.  He knows me so well.  I am so in love with her new CD; Listening to it right now.  Isn’t technology so wonderful-the power to buy the music online and download straight to your computer.  For her new CD Anchor go here.


My sweet little Stella, gave me a pedi, and I returned the favor.  We tried out glitter toes.

Glitter Toes


Clear polish, and glitter.

Cover the toenails with clear polish and then dump the glitter over the top.  Shake it off and repeat.  Shake again, and then cover it with clear polish.The extra glitter will wash off your skin when your toes are dry.  Makes for some very blinged-out toes.

Shopping by myself at Charming Charlies was next on the agenda.  I picked up this little diddy.


Did I mention that I love YELLOW?

When I got home my hubby made me a cake.  I love cookies so of course it was a cookie cake.  My favorite part is how he decorated it… he is so inventive.  I thought I would just have a small sliver… but the cookie won!!

Birthday Cookie

Then much to my surprise, Jonathan handed me 3 envelopes.  I thought I was done with all the surprises, boy was I wrong.

1.  A coupon for a date night with the kids and some money for them to take me out.  The best part was that he really made coupons with clip art and everything.  They were very well thought out and had been made days in advance.

2.  Tickets to Carrie Underwood.

3.  A little note to tell me that a new weight bench had been ordered with some free weights.  Oh, and I can’t forget the coupon for the personal trainer.(butterflies)

After all that, a date night with my hubby.  LuAnn offered to babysit the kids.  We went to dinner and saw Iron Man 2.  Love that flick.

I had the best birthday ever.  I have never felt more special. 

Everybody deserves to feel special once a year.  I hope you take the time to show your loved ones that you are grateful for their birthday.  The birth of someone you love really should be celebrated.  The simple act of putting all your focus on one person for 24 hours says so much.

Stay tuned for more about “Birth” days in our home, and possibly more deep thoughts.

P.S.  I would love to hear from you.  Tell me about what you do to make your loved ones birthdays special, and/or what you have learned.  I like to call them “life lessons.”  If I like it, I will share it.  Email me @


Stella said...

Reading've touched my heart.... I'll mail you. Thanks for sharing; you are so inspiring!

Marji & Jim said...

so jealous you got Carrie Underwood tickets! That will be a fun concert. If Jonathon doesn't want to go to the concert with you I'll buy his ticket :) Glad you had a great birthday!

Jacque said...

kevin and i went and saw iron man 2 for his birthday too! i'm glad you had such a good birthday.

oh, and thanks for always inspiring me :)

Kaylee said...

You didn't tell me you got Carrie Underwood tickets or the weight bench! He earned points this birthday big time...have you payed up yet??? hahahahah, just teasin'. :) I'm glad you had such a great day. You deserve it! That book is pretty amazing isn't it? It made me re-evaluate everything and view slowing down in a totally different way. It made me feel like I wasn't being selfish for wanting to slow down, it was actually a smart thing to do!

Krysta said...

I was signed in under Kaylee's name...oops, it's really just me!

Tara said...

what a wonderful birthday! It sounds like you are managing all the crazy just fine - you always do! And way to work out! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was great. I always think of you in this month of August. You always amaze me with all these birthdays!

Brunson's said...

The last comment was me! Don't know why it did that.

Brunson's said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was great. I always think of you in this month of August. You always amaze me with all these birthdays!

Pam said...

You always have a way of inspiring! Thanks Luv you!

waldorf said...

Happy Birthday Andrea!! Thanks for all your kind comments too :) I want to know about your workout routine!! I am ready to start and need some inspiration in that dept!!

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