Sunday, July 25, 2010


Tessa 6 lightCR

beautiful months.

She gets more wonderful every day we spend with her.

Nine Months CR

Nine months is such a surreal number.

That is the number of long long months of pregnancy, and yet somehow…

the nine months with her here have gone so quickly.

Tessa 2 bwCR

My absolute favorite about her at nine months is her ability to say Mama on cue.

She is so smart.  She says mama when she wants me, and mama when I pick her up.

Tessa 3CR

She can pat-a-cake, and will even clap along with someone else.

She patiently waits for me to come get her out of her crib.

Tessa 12bw CR

She waits and waits with those beautiful eyes peering out the railing.

Tessa 14CR

She is crawling everywhere, and thinks she is pretty hot stuff.

She has been known to pull herself up on a few occasions.

Tessa 7 Colorized CR

She enjoys eating, her most favorite food; marshmellows.(what? she’s the fourth child)

Tessa 9 CR

 She loves her mommy, and is content in my arms all day.

We love to snuggle in the morning and watch Baby Einstein.

Tessa 11CR

Tessa is loved by her siblings, and will even cry because she can’t handle all the attention.

Tessa Bottom CR

She has the most adorable laugh.  A deep belly laugh, especially when you tickle her.

Tessa 4 CR

She is very busy.  She has to have her hands in something or on something at all times. She is constantly moving her arms.   She flails them up and down.  It is most annoying when I am nursing her, but endearing at the same time.

Tessa 15 CR

Sometimes the smallest thing will catch her off-guard and she will bust a gut.

Tessa 10 CR

Tessa we think you are amazing.  Thank you for the joy you bring in to our home.

Tessa 8 CR

P.S. Sorry for the picture overload.  I had so much fun taking these, and just couldn’t pick.  They show her personality, sense of humor, and facial expressions so well.  I love when I can capture the moment.  That is what makes photography so much fun. 

A moment or a person frozen in time.


Beth Curtis said...

so cute!! I am in love with the pics. I can't handle her chubby leg cuteness. You are so lucky with the mama. Beck just teases me with it every once in a while :(

Danielle Spangler said...

Hey! I have left a few comments before...not sure if you know I am a reader! I love the are getting REALLY good!!! Thanks for the reminder of the small things:)

Jen said...

Such beautiful pics!
Love your blog!
I'm a new follower!

Nikki said...

She is so beautiful! I always enjoy your pictures, they are stunning.

Marji & Jim said...

as always great pictures of Tessa, love that you did them in your entryway and the big puffy balls! She is so cute!

Krysta said...

Adorable pics! I LOVE them! Way to throw it together at the last minute. She has such a fun personality. I bet you are seeing so much more of to now that she is really crawling. I totally here ya about nine months. So true.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Tess is beautiful!!! I love all of the pics you got of her!! So, so fun!!

KW said...

I can't believe how much she has changed! It is so crazy, she is so beautiful, I just want to squeeze her.

The Peterson 5 said...

She is SO adorable! The pictures are so cute...such a fun age!

Pam said...

so cute!! I can't wait to play with her and the others too!

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