Saturday, June 26, 2010


right now.

1. I am still nursing our fourth little one.  I have nursed 4 kids in 8 years.  All of them till about one year of age.  Some a little less, others a little more.  I enjoy it.  I know it is not for everyone, but it is for ME!!  I am not good at giving my kids bottles, but I am good at nursing.

2.  I am obsessed with buying my kids clothes.  Not just any clothes.  Clothes that are a good deal.  I love scouring racks at thrift and consignment stores.  My kids have more clothes then one could ever need.  At times, when I am doing laundry; I think, “What the heck.”  I think it is a hobby.  I enjoy dressing my kids in cute clothes for a really good deal.


Do you think Tess has too many shoes?


3.  I am growing my hair out, for the bazillionth time.

4.  I recently lost 15 pounds.

5.  If I had extra $$$ I would spend it on some photography equipment.

6.  I am enjoying reading good books with my kids.

7.  I almost always check my email on my phone.  If it takes me a while to respond to you, that is most likely why.  My touch screen makes it hard to type lengthy emails.

8.  I recently bought a pair of jeans at the thrift store. I love them, and want to wear them every day.  Even though it is 100 degrees outside.  I love the style, and the look; but the price makes them even more fun…. $4.  You should see how cute the back pockets are.


9.  I am currently re-reading “Everyday Blessings.  True Stories about God’s Hand in our Lives”  by Jay A. Parry  It has helped my see just how abundant my blessings are.  They are short stories, so it is easy to pick up and read one here and there.

10.  I have let my house go a little this summer, and I don’t even care.  A good friend with five children once told me that your standards go down with each child that you have.  At the time, I didn’t believe her.  I believe her now.

Don’t forget to check out Project 365.  I have recently updated our week.


Tara said...

Way to go, Andrea! I'm so impressed w/ the weight loss while you're still nursing - that is HARD. I still have 10 more pounds to go, and Addie's almost 2. Ugh. :) Tell me all your secrets!

Danielle Spangler said...

Hey! I have left comments before...but I wanted to leave another one to let you know I am still a reader and a FAN...not just a stalker! I love hearing about another mom with same interests and challenges:)

Krysta said...

Cute post! I am jealous of your $4 jeans and all of Tessa's shoes. I still can't find shoes for Ady.

Good job on the 15 pounds!!

Beth Curtis said...

good job on the 15 lbs! I am jealous! I am such a sucker for baby clothes. I feel less guilty buying for my baby than for me. I keep telling Brandon that he is lucky that he doesn't have a girl or he would be in TROUBLE!

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