Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I discovered 2 things this last week…

I HATE paper scrapbooking but….

I LOVE paper crafting.

YES!!  I used to be an avid paper scrapper, I just can’t do it anymore.

I have massive anxiety attacks with all the little pieces of paper, the sticky tabs that won’t lay down just right, finding the perfect embellishment, and cropping my pictures by hand.


Well, I went digital.

In 2007 I turned to the good old computer.

I have no more messes, and I just click save when I hear a kiddo yelling “MOM!”

I am embarrassed to say that when I did that, I stopped right where I was in my 2006 book.

I decided it was time to tackle that project and finish it up.

I am embarrassed once again to say that this is what my bedroom has looked like for two months.


YES!! the beautiful new Love Shack.

I set this table out so that I would look at this project every night and just get it done.

I still seemed to avoid it, and I didn’t even loose sleep as I drifted off to bed looking at it.

I did however, do a few other paper craft projects.


Happy Birthday Banner 2

HB Banner 3

I really enjoyed them too.   I still can’t figure out why paper crafts don’t get me anxious. 

When all was said and done it was time to get that yucky old table out of my room.

I finally finished my book, and I could not be more happy.  For two reasons, one; I was ready to have my room back, and two; I really don’t love using paper and scissors anymore.  It’s Photoshop and Digital paper for me.

My big project for the summer is finishing up some of my albums.  I am hoping to get quite a bit of time for digital scrapbooking. 

Hey kids, did you hear that?  I will say it louder. 



Anonymous said...

Would you mind letting us know where you learn to digital scrapbook and the software you use?


Beth Curtis said...

I love the birthday sign. I have all the paper for Beck's but don't have the motivation yet. Are those cupcake liners? I love it!

Krysta said...

Cute, cute! You went crazy with the cards. They look so fun!

I'm glad you finally have that table out of your room. Don't you feel like you can breath again?

Andrea and Casey said...

I just started digital scrapping. What do you use and where do you get your digital supplies?? I would also love to see some of your pages. :)

Elise said...

I could not agree more!! I HATE to paper scrapbook is so much cheaper, easier, and definitely a lot cleaner. This summer I'm gathering up all my supplies...and getting rid of them!!!

Michelle said...

yay for a finished project, and simpler days ahead! :)
i love your cards, btw!

Emily said...

Very cute! You will always be the scrapbook queen in my mind! :) You are very talented, thanks for sharing!

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