Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One more sick day

Yes... I started with the yucky gumbo last night myself.  It has not been fun, but I am trying to keep myself going.  There is much to be done for Christmas.

Jonathan stayed home and took care of the kids while I slept most of the day.  I tried to play catch up tonight.  I am washing sheets, and disinfecting bathrooms and such.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be to crazy with a few of these things crossed off my list.  I still have presents to wrap.

To get my mind off the blaring headache, I thought would share another fun part of our Holiday House.  I got this idea from Krysta.  Along with decorating her kids doors, she put a few decorations in their rooms.

I remember decorating my own room for Christmas when I was a girl with a few left overs, and extra lights.  I thought the kids might also enjoy it.

Here are some photos of their rooms DECKED for the HOLIDAYS:

Boys Dresser

Boys Dresser

Boys Dresser 2

Krysta hung ornaments from her kids windows and it was so adorable that I had to copy.

Ornaments in boys window

One more fun little extra:

Christmas Quilt

Girls lights and Ornaments in their window:

Ornaments from Window Girls

A few fun extras in their room:

Girls Shelf


It has been so much fun having Christmas all over the house.  I haven't even gotten sick of it all this year.

I am leaving you with one more fun addition that I scored at a Thrift Store this year.  I paid $1.oo for it.  I think it is to hold Christmas cards, but I added photos from Christmas's past.  I just love it. 

Photo Tree

Well... I am off to bed and hoping for a sick free day tomorrow.

Peace on Earth

and Sweet Slumbers


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