Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let your pumpkins do the work


Day 2:  Use real pumpkins to decorate with.  They last such a long time, and I believe them to be a beautiful work of art.

I sure wish I had room for my own pumpkin patch.

front of house

Pumpkins in pots make such a welcoming statement.  They can be left up all through the fall.

Pumpkins in pot 

Stella and I made these adorable little pots.  We spray painted some cheap pots from Walmart.  I found the stamp at the $ store, and we stamped away.  It was so easy to stack them in the pots.  By drilling a hole, and adding a wooden dowel it will secure them even better.

Pumpkins in vase

Put pumpkins anywhere you can find a place.  These small pumpkins will work just about anywhere.

Pumpkins on platter

Group them together to make a nice table centerpiece.


Here are a few more ideas that were not created by me.  I just thought you might enjoy seeing the creative ideas that are out there.



pumpkin holes

Imperfectly Beautiful


It's in the details



It's in the Details



I hope you enjoy these ideas.  One more idea; if you love white pumpkins and don't want to pay for them.  Then go ahead and spray paint them.  A little spray paint never hurt anything.


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