Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just for laughs and giggles

The other night for FHE we were watching home movies. We found this one and laughed and laughed.

This is when we lived on Saba, an island in the Caribbean. It was just before we moved back home. Jonathan and I had gone on a date, and our good friends the Sofios were watching the kids. The Sofios had shipped a huge love sack over to there house on the island. The kids enjoyed jumping from the couch to the love sack.

The Sofios also had 2 cats. If you know Jex, he is not much for animals. This is hilarious. He is

3 1/2 in this video.

I hope you laugh your head off too.


Dave and Lindsay said...

I am laughing my head off....that is too funny!!! He does say "kitty poop" right? Thats too cute! I can't believe how big they are now!

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