Sunday, October 11, 2009

I must apologize...

for not posting Day 4 and 5.

We had a few setbacks.  I ended up spending a night in the hospital with more labor.  Unfortunately, I was a day from being full term so they sedated me.  I slept most of the weekend.DSC_0373

However, I am back.  I am dilated to a 4, and 50% effaced.  I guess it could happen anytime, it could also be 3 more weeks.

Well, here is what I missed posting.


Day 4: Embellish, and use what you have.


I already had these pretty containers.  So I just added to them.


Notice the white plate, it adds just a little detail.  Oh, and the black and white fabric makes a great new table runner.(no sewing involved)  I also had the ribbon, and tall vases.


Had the cake plate, just changed the ribbon.

Then, I pulled out all the stops.  I got out the scrapbook supplies.

Added rub on lettering to the pumpkins, and ric-rac to the babies.


Added some letters to an already existing frame on my wall.  Cut out of scrapbook paper.


And a little more to a frame.

You can't forget this number that I made out scrapbook supplies that I had on hand.


Take the time to see what you can change or add too.  Use what you have laying around.  I didn't buy any ribbon, paper, or containers for any of these Halloween projects.

Now on to day 5:

Group them together.


Start with your centerpiece.  That will make you so happy.


Group in odd numbers it is more pleasing to the eye.


Don't forget your mantel.  It is the centerpiece of your room.  A few spooky cobwebs never hurt anything either.


The entry way is another must.  It welcomes and sets the tone.


Your doorway greets guest and makes them smile.

Now sit back and enjoy!!  You did this on a small budget.  Don't forget to shop Nov.1st for the deals for next year.

Oh, now you should enjoy a cookie.Isaac cookie

A Halloween Sugar cookie to be exact.


Go here for the best Sour Cream Sugar cookie recipe ever.


Elise said...

I'm glad that everything is going okay for you! I'm even glad that she is baking a little bit longer...though you might not be:) Cute Halloween tips!

Lorinda said...

What I wouldn't give for one of your sugar cookies. Suppose I could make them myself, but yours always taste better. Probably because you put in all the butter is calls for...and maybe some more.

Love the decor! Hang in there and be grateful your legs are not covered in spider and varicose veins like mine. It is really bad this time! Love you.

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