Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My mom is really late, but...

Isaac 2

I turned TWO on Sunday.

Isaac trains

I love to play with my Choo-Choo trains.  I also love to laugh.


I am always silly.  I like to tease my mom and dad.


They can't believe that I am 2.

Isaac 3

Everyone always comments on my big blue eyes, and my long eyelashes.

what 2

I am learning to put words together to make sentences.  That is a big boy thing to do.


I am so blessed to have a family.


Brunson's said...

What cute kids! So I forgot you changed your blog address and I didn't update it on my google reader. So I hadn't seen your blog is forever. I had better get that fixed. I am glad the medication is helping. Your feelings bring me to a lesson we had a few weeks ago is RS about service and they focused some on being willing to accept service from others. That is what you have to do now. You will have plenty of opportunities to serve others when this shall pass. Until then focus on this new baby and loving your family. Wish I could bring you some dinner! Take Care!!

Krysta said...

He is the cutest thing!! Those pictures completely showed his HUGE personality. :) I love that boy...

Jared Warburton said...

Happy birthday Isaac!!! Tell him Bo-bah from me & Jared.

Dave and Lindsay said...

Cute pictures Isaac! I am so excited to come and visit all of you!
Love you!

Jamie said...

Yes he does have the most beautiful big eyes! He is so cute, I can't believe he is 2!

Caitlin said...

I got to hang out with Isaac today at Ethan and Ben's birthday party. He was so excited about his turn riding the horse. He kept yelling "MY TURN!" whenever the horse got near. He's absolutely adorable.

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